A symptom, but not the core problem.

Via Dizzy,

COI reveals new five step plan for behaviour change

A new five step process for behaviour change communications planning is at the heart of new guidance from the Central Office of Information (COI). It also recommends a practical behavioural model to be defined at the start of any new behaviour change initiative, and refined throughout the life of the campaign. These measures will help maximise the effectiveness of – and define the role for – government marketing activity on integrated behaviour change campaigns.

The document is available here:


To be honest, it’s annoying, but it’s not dynamite. The principles outlined therein – NLP, systems thinking, nudging (as the Tories know it) are all established.

What is insidious is that the government actively embraces them.

What is chilling is the purposes they deploy these techniques for and the sense they have that it is their duty to do so.

I’m quite positive the Tories will take these ideas forward aggressively, too.

So I’ll say it loud and clear:

Polish my bell-end, you state-sponsored fuck-dribbles.



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