The State, The Quango, The Fake Charity and their cover…

How I wish we could pour salt on them all and have the lot turn to slime, easily hosed away.


The initiative, which will appear in a green paper on relationships to be published shortly, is expected to form part of the election manifesto.

A green paper on relationships? This ought to be a comedy goldmine… I’ll await with great anticipation.

Here’s just a taster:

Critics are likely to accuse the government of more nanny state tendencies. “There is a very fine balance between offering support in an accessible way and the state interfering.”

Oh yes. It’s a fine balance. At the moment, what we have is a see-saw with Kate Moss on one side and a rhinoceros on the other. It’s obvious there aren’t enough rhinos to achieve the balance yet, so we’ll add some more.

“Good relationship support can help but it is important that people do get the support they need,” said Dr Katherine Rake, chief executive of the Family and Parenting Institute. “However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.”

The Family and Parenting Institute, huh? QUANGO or Fake Charity? Well they’re certainly a sprawling monster of an organisation, as their annual report shows.

Ooooo look! It’s a Fake Charity: Page 25


So we pay, via our taxes, for the FPI to spend their time:


…That’s right. Chewing Harriet’s carpet.

Remember it’s only a week ago that I discovered that I’m funding the Fatherhood Institute too.

Money spunking shit-suckers.



7 thoughts on “The State, The Quango, The Fake Charity and their cover…

  1. Chiiildren are sacrosanct now, Al. To be treated as deities built from porcelain and frayed nerve endings.

    Bickering parents might make them jump, so it has to stop – and government will move heaven and earth (and spend our taxes) to make sure the little ‘uns grow up to be spoiled, selfish, arrogant, ill-mannered cunts, whilst simultaneously being incapable of withstanding even miniscule teasing or minor physical injury.

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