More on moron equality…

Won’t someone think of the cheeeldren… and the women. But not the men. No way. Fuck the men.


I’m tempted to say this is a self-selecting sample.

The research by charity The Hestia Fund was carried out on women who sought help to escape domestic violence in seven different parts of the UK.

So this is a bunch of shit whining about how eeeeeevil men are. Never mind that a lot of these women probably needed a fucking shoeing anyway, eh?

In fact, the Telegraph back my point up with a link:

On average, abusive relationships lasted five and a half years, meaning that many children covered by the study had lived their whole lives in the shadow of violence.

Which leads to:


What’s this??? Women who aren’t blameless, passive victims? Fuck that. There’s some fist-worthy bitches right there.

Feel free to hold Harriet personally responsible. And let’s not forget:








Oh, and:


Which is all symptomatic of this:


The number of children reporting sexual abuse by women to helpline service ChildLine has more than doubled over the past five years, it was revealed today. New figures show a 132% rise in complaints of female sexual assaults in this period, compared with a 27% increase in reports of abuse by men.

Now listen up, bitches. I wanna hear no more about equality. What I know is that women are equally capable of being evil fucks of the most grotesque and inhuman kind.

Amazingly, the voice of (albeit transient) common sense here is Esther Rantzen writing in the G.


Now shut your face and make me a sandwich.



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