BNP shrewdly changing tack…

The BNP appear to have a strategy. One that they can take forward with arm-in-arm with non-white Britons.

As I reported at the time, a few weeks back, Melanie Phillips made the point (in an excellent article I commend thoroughly) that BNP support is strongest:

in areas of high Pakistani and Bangladeshi concentration — but significantly, not where there are concentrations of Indians. Strikingly, BNP support actually falls away steeply in Afro-Caribbean areas.

Leading to the conclusion that:

The rise of Nick Griffin is intimately related to the unchecked march of Islamism in Britain.

So it is no surprise that he’s now decided that his enemy’s enemy can be his friend and he can capitalise on it, allowing him to (apparently) wash away the stigma of racism:


And let’s face it, it’s not going to be difficult to rally support when you’re campaigning against the Islamification of Britain by people like Anjem Choudary.



12 thoughts on “BNP shrewdly changing tack…

  1. I must admit I have been sneakily reading your blog for quite some time Al.. I even have it on my blogroll :)

    I thought it was about time I commented on it!

    Nice to meet you too sir!

    • I’ve become used to having readers who are in the closet.

      But if I’m on your blogroll, it must be in the water closet :-)

      Thanks :-)

  2. lol! But seriously… if the BNP lose their racist tag we could have a non-racist hard-left party that suddenly the Old Labour crowd don’t need to feel ashamed about voting for. that’s got to be a bad thing, right?

  3. Firstly the fascists are the UAF who support Iran, hamas and hezbollah who want to wipe Israel and Israeli Jews off the map. Unlike them the BNP accepts Israel’s right to exist. Secondly, Nick Griffin is in the process of reforming his party, ditching all the old clause 4 style baggage of the past, and bringing together a party of black and white loyal British people, who will challenge the One-Party-State corrupt liberal elites, end multicultural balkanisation, Islamisation and mass immigration and bring Britain’s sovereignty back from Europe.

  4. if only i could believe that! firstly, i neither support nor oppose hamas, hezballah et al, it really is none of my business. secondly, if i could believe the BNP were merely the party to end multiculturalism and cause integration i would support them wholeheartedly. unfortunately, as they are national socialists I am firmly convinced they would follow another agenda entirely once in power. they traditional labour party didn’t change course when they had the original clause 4 moment did they? they just carried on along the same path, but in different shoes, and left their friends behind. what makes you think the BNP will behave any differently?

  5. Where do you get the idea they are ‘national socialists’ a very loaded term. Did you read it in The Telegraph or The Daily Mail perhaps who have been lying along with the Sun, Mirror and The Star? Griffin is a far-left socialist no doubt, his foreign policies are out of a students union textbook, but hopefully he will improve when elected as civil servants hand him the facts.
    Griffin is reforming, the party is changing daily. Bear in mind he was brainwashed as a child by a nazi. He has made huge steps forward in his thinking and I hope that with the engagement of non-white members and a more intelligent intake of new supporters and members he will advance to the point where his party is worthy of the House.
    Some of us are pressurising for reform by engaging.
    All political parties are doomed to grow, fade, and die. The current three bunch of vote-mongering whores who flood constituencies with immigrants in order to get cheap votes, who fund mosques, orgs and schools who hate us, are so much the same now that their corpses have merged into one seamless cadaver in the grave of dead political ideas.
    check out my website ‘thoughtly’ on youtube.

  6. yep, a far left socialist with nationalist rhetoric. a national socialist! educated by a nazi(onal socialist.)! just like old adolf. substitute jews for muslims and you’re there. As for “he might improve when elected…” when has that ever happened?!

    Your last paragraph i can’t find fault with, which is kinda the problem! I’m worried for the future.

  7. I find it very frustrating that my own peers are not just sitting on the fence but hiding behind it. This is a party in change, why not try and influence that change? Why not type BNP into your youTube and go and argue with the people posting on the videos? Can’t you see that one of the biggest people’s uprisings against the established elites in British history is underway?

    Griffin is gradually escaping the clutches of his dad who calls him a sellout, he was attacked by nazis, white supramacists and holocaust-denyers in Spain last week because under his influence they had been barred from a rally of a far-right party he is also urging to reform.
    He has much work to do to take on some of the old rascist and anti-Semitic warlords in his own party which is being flooded by new non-racist members and supporters. He is still very young and not quite mature. For G-d’s sake just get off your chaise longues darlings and check out what’s happening and engage.
    check out my ‘thoughtly’ channel on youtube.

  8. ok, I’m gonna use it. have you seen ‘V For Vendetta?” You know, the one where John Hurt plays Nick Griffin? I’m damned if i’m gonna choose pepsi over coke. I want tab clear. ok?

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