It’s difficult to tell…

whether Tom Harris’ tongue is in his cheek, or up his own arse some days…

I SIMPLY cannot understand why, as David Miliband says, the Tories are “playing the man, not the ball” with regards to Tony Blair and the European presidency.

Ahem. A lefty complaining about someone “playing the man, not the ball” … lulz are sure to follow.

Objecting to the former Prime Minister becoming the new president seems peculiarly petty and short-sighted for someone who needs the votes of former Labour voters in order to become PM himself.

looking at the opinion polls, Tom, I’m not convinced that he need worry. People remember Blair as a liar, a spinmeister, a war-monger and an egomaniac. Now he also attends the church of kiddie fiddler. The only way to cast Blair in a positive light is to stand him next to Gordon. Ah yes. Your fellow porridge slurper Brown is running a great campaign for the Tories :-)

Obviously Tony Blair is eminently qualified for the job and would do it well.

If you mean it requires a criminal ego-maniac? Sure.

You’d have to be pretty stupid to dispute that.

Stupid, am I? Play the ball not the man, Tom.

I’m looking forward to seeing you waste away on the opposition benches, finishing your political career in penurious working conditions with the least pay and benefits you’ve ever had as an MP. If your lucky, you might make it to retirement before your beloved party totally collapses through factional ideological fights and calamitous finances.



4 thoughts on “It’s difficult to tell…

  1. XX looking at the opinion polls, Tom, I’m not convinced that he need worry. People remember Blair as a liar, a spinmeister, a war-monger and an egomaniac.XX

    Trouble is, the REST of Europe do NOT.

    He, like the T******r cow before him, is seen as some kind of hero here on the mainland, MUCH as I try to educate them.

    The day this lying thieving prick gets to be “President” of the E.U, is the day I will witdraw ANY and ALL suporrt for the E.U that I may have ever given.

    As far as I am concerned, that will be as a declaration of war.

  2. While I still have a few issues with you describing the Roman Catholic church in such a way, I agree with much of what you say. Luckily the liar Blair is unlikely to get the job – after all Britain isn’t even part of the Euro and that lack of solidarity is likely to irk some of our continental, bureaucratic friends. What I am wondering is why there arnt any candidates from Germany, who lets face it are the only competitive Euro country, or the French who love to have their nose in anything without actually paying for it. Even those jokers in the pack Italy haven’t got a candidate.

  3. Because only the Brits are idiot enough to be interested? The rest of us see it as a poisoned chalice. You ever heard the phrase “Promote the idiot out of the danger area”? That is the way all mainland politicians see it, so they do not want to KNOW.

    Does NOT stop me from fighting against it being Tony “Oooohhhh please do THAT to me again George” Blair.

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