I love to say I told you so…

Last week, apropos of the angry internet lynch mob whipped up on twatter with the help of Fry and Brown, I wrote this:

And everyone’s aghast at this one column. Why?

An angry mob, whipped up on Twitter with help from Stephen Fry and Derren Brown intimidate the Mail and their advertisers into backing the fuck away from the Moir column.

That’s not justice. It’s just an angry mob. Ocholocracy. I presume this is just the brimming over of the hubris accrued in the Twattersphere from the Carter Ruck ruck. I hope it doesn’t continue to snowball.

As if there aren’t more important battles to fight than what some silly woman has written about a dead celeb.

The success and power of Twitter could easily be its downfall as the media and corporates abandon it to the savages.

Well frottage me frontwards with a fine French tapestry if that there twatter ain’t been and gawn and done it again.

Courtesy of Steve Shark:

These days I’m always a little worried by what I’ll find in a list of Twitter ‘Trending Topics’.

All too often it signals that a bandwagon’s just rolled by and dozens of fuckwits have jumped on it.

One of today’s offerings is ‘#aagill’.

A A Gill – author and restaurant critic – has just confessed to shooting a balloon bassoon baboon.

Smell that?

Yes, it’s the heady reek of moral outrage.

And Constantly Furious:

AA Gill, the journalist and restaurant critic, wrote a typically amusing piece for the Sunday Times this weekend, which included a description of how he’d – while in Africa – shot a wild baboon.

Naturally, a huge contingent of weeping bunny huggers have railed against the horror of this act, and yet another fucking vast Twitter witch-hunt has begun. This time the tag is not #janmoir – Twitter ‘got’ her – but #aagill. Yeah, Gill, you’re next.

Fucking mongonet.




I’ve a feeling I’ll be needing this again in the future.


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