Only the BNP takes the fight to the Islamists…

A very thought provoking piece by Mad Mel in the Speccie this week…


Some truisms in there, for sure, lots of words about the disenfranchised, ignored and marginalised British working classes, the disillusionment with the mainstream parties, the ghettos begat by multiculturalism.

The really important observation, though is the apparent correlation between support for the BNP not in areas heavily populated by black or Indian folk, but in areas with high density of Muslins (Pakistani and Bangladeshi mainly).

It is highly relevant that Griffin is an MEP for North West England — and did not stand in the old National Front power base around London. His party’s new appeal is based on a new power base — the north-west and Yorkshire. Research by academics at Manchester University reveals that support for the BNP is highest in areas of high Pakistani and Bangladeshi concentration — but significantly, not where there are concentrations of Indians. Strikingly, BNP support actually falls away steeply in Afro-Caribbean areas.

So to try to damn the BNP as racist misses the point by a mile. Not that the accusation is untrue — despite its attempt to rebrand itself, the BNP remains a racist party with strong neo-Nazi overtones. But it attracts votes talking about religion and culture. Crucially, it is cynically using the Islamisation of Britain as cover for its animus against all Muslims and non-white people.

This is why it is strategically important for the BNP to take up cudgels against radical Islam in the UK. And we all know that someone has to. We also know that the main 3 bunches of spineless Islingtonites aren’t doing. They need to, urgently if they want to stop the BNP.

The fears it exploits are those of ordinary white folk in areas of high Muslim immigration who have watched the transformation of their neighbourhoods from communities of people like themselves into a landscape they no longer recognise. The voters the BNP are seeking are bewildered and distraught that no one in authority seems to notice or care — and that they are dismissed as ‘racists’ for expressing such concerns.

One rule for the mad mullahs, and one for the rest of us you see.

It is this asymmetry of anger which helps the BNP so much. Those who this week seemed to be risking an aneurysm over Griffin’s TV appearance either dismiss the jihadis as an exaggerated problem — or, on occasion, even march behind their incendiary and hate-driven banners. There is no Griffin-style outrage over the regular appearances in the media by the fanatics of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas supporters or Iranian-backed jihadis, even though they endorse terrorism and the extinction of human rights.

She also has some interesting thoughts on the EDL and UAF.

As a result, the debate is allowed to descend into a clash of extremists. Last March, for example, Islamists demonstrated against a parade in Luton of Royal Anglian Regiment soldiers returning from Afghanistan. The jihadis were protected by the police, while the only people arrested that day were locals protesting at this provocation. That event led in turn to a demonstration in Birmingham last August by the self-styled anti-Islamists of the so-called English Defence League (EDL) and other groups.

The cycle continued. The EDL provoked a counter-protest organised by Unite Against Fascism and a day of violent disorder. Similar clashes have subsequently occurred in Luton, Birmingham and in Harrow — brawls invariably characterised in the media as between the ‘far right’ and ‘anti-fascists’.

This is where it gets messy. The so-called ‘anti-fascists’ include a number of Islamic fascists, not to mention far-left boot-boys. As for the ‘far right’, the EDL furiously protests that it has no connections with the BNP and stands against them. But one or two individuals in the EDL have been associated with the BNP in some form or other. Most tellingly of all, EDL leaders have admitted that it is opposed not only to Islamist extremism but to ‘all devout Muslims’ — a BNP-style pitch.

Think on this when Islam4UK (currently throwing a MySQL error) are marching through London this weekend to demand Shariah law in the UK. I have no doubt the EDL and the UAF will both be out in force. Observe how the media report it.

Do read Mel’s article. Tis very good.

As a bit of background, a few choice bits from Old Holborn…



Oh and don’t think it came to this by accident…


The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right’s nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote".

Really? Who’d a thunk it.

Unutterable nation-wrecking cunts from day 1.



2 thoughts on “Only the BNP takes the fight to the Islamists…

  1. That’s a very balanced article from Melanie Phillips. Perhaps there are stirrings in higher echelons, of a previously ignored problem. If so, Griffin’s appearance would be a massive fuck up for the BNP.

    But then, the glitterati could simply carry on saying lalala and finger-sticking to boost BNP membership. It’s their choice at the end of the day. It’ll be interesting to watch.

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