Jahomstradamus for the win…

March 29th 2009

Thanks a fucking bunch says everyone…

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They’re bound to go for this. This government’s eye for a lose-lose-lose strategy is just uncanny. You have to laugh.

Cut in maternity leave to give fathers more time off

Statutory maternity leave should be cut to six months and new paid leave given to fathers, a report from the equalities watchdog says.

The focus on maternity leave has entrenched the notion that only mothers look after children and damages women’s careers by making them less attractive employees, the group warns.

I can immediately spot three groups who could lose out from this:

i) Women who have given birth. Do they want to go back to work ‘so soon’?

ii) New fathers who would rather be paid to polish the toilet floors in the Blue Oyster Bar than to spend any more time with their miraculous new shitting air-raid sirens.

iii) The productive members of the economy. The trouble with post-natal women, and I speak from a position of complete ignorance, is that they’re either completely mental or utterly baffled. With most it’s quite clear that their brains take a while to return to proper functioning order. Others will never recover. About a year is probably right to know for sure. So what’s the point in having them back in the business sooner than that, with all the post-natal prolapsed rectum treatments they’ll be excusing themselves for? In the meantime, productive men will be taken out of the economy for longer.

October 22nd 2009:




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