There are bad dog bites, and good dog bites…


Hole-in-one from Leg-iron:

I have no sympathy at all for the protestors who were bitten by police dogs. The dogs were on their leashes throughout which means that the protestors could have avoided them with ease. They didn’t because in their bubble-wrap world, dogs aren’t allowed to bite them. Unfortunately, dogs don’t do political correctness and they don’t avoid fights with reasoned arguments. Dogs are a lump of muscle with teeth on the end and that’s the only tool of argument they know. Consider from the animal’s point of view – no matter how well trained, that dog is still a dog. The dog sees a howling mob threatening himself and his handler. He is going to react like a dog under pressure because that is exactly what he is. It’s not the dog’s fault. He didn’t start the fight.

In the past I have railed against police idiocy, against the arrest of the victim and of those who have committed no real offence at all, and all of that stands. In this case, I am one hundred percent on the side of the police. Taking down a power station at this time of year is something terrorists do. It’s an act of war. This is not some power outage caused by a surge that trips a transformer and can be fixed in a couple of hours. This is the whole power station, and if these ragged terrorists succeed, a whole swathe of the country can look forward to a few days, at least, with no power at all. How many pensioners are the Green God’s acolytes willing to see freeze to death for their cause? How many businesses are they happy to see close? How many families with no heat, hospitals lit by candlelight, operations cancelled, broken bones unset and cancers undiagnosed because the scanners are off…how much death is enough for them?

Do read the whole thing… and if you’re on twatter, follow the tag #swoop to get a taste of the fantasyland these filthy hippy fuckwits inhabit.



9 thoughts on “There are bad dog bites, and good dog bites…

  1. Have you heard of the National Grid?

    More than a single power station would have had to have gone off-line for people to have lost electrical power.

    If we carry on burning coal we will commit ourselves to extreme weather patterns in the future. These will severely affect our ability to survive.

    • Well you clearly don’t understand how close we’ve come to peak generating capacity at times over the last couple of years.

      The recession was the only thing that stopped us experiencing rolling power cuts last winter, as industrial demand for power dipped.

      As for the extreme weather, well if you believe that, I might as well argue with the pope that God doesn’t exist.

  2. These lefties don’t care about people at all. So what if people lose their jobs? So what if old people go without heat or light? It’s all for a good cause. Why don’t they fuck off to North Korea if they don’t want people to live a materialistic, comfortable life?

  3. power demand is massively lower at the weekends so there was no question of power cuts you morons. plus as sylvester says the national grid is designed to cope with the loss of drax let alone ratcliffe. plus in fact the power station was turned off by E.ON in advance so direct your blackout fantasies at them.

    the problem with arguing that these lefties don’t care about people is that it’s the same people who were trying to shut the power station for the weekend who demand an increase in the winter fuel allowance for pensioners, while E.ON and others continue to let them die in the homes through overpricing, it’s these same people who are demanding a just transition to a low-carbon economy – ie. one which protects jobs – rather than the profiteering transition offered by E.ON who have offered their workers at Ratcliffe a 1% payrise in a year of bumper profits.

    burning all three of you fuckwits would be better than burning coal, as the human body is only 18% carbon, so sign me up.

    • Errr.. sorry. When did I mention burning anyone?

      If you can’t keep it civilised, then fuck off and take your faith-based bullshit with you, you sanctimonious overgrown child.

    • What a masterful argument. You campaign for fuel allowances for the elderly while shutting down the power stations. What do they do – burn the money for heat? There are going to be power cuts in the near future because the national grid you are so confident will cope… won’t. It is close to collapse now. Already there are power stations that are about to close because they are falling apart from age and you won’t let anyone build new ones or repair old ones. Shut one down and there will be blackouts. There will be overloads in other power stations as the grid increases the drain on them. The dead stations will have to be isolated from the grid along with large swathes of the country. A lot of people will freeze to death.

      Power demand by industry is massively lower at the weekend. Power demand by private residences, leisure facilities and so on is massively higher at the weekends. So the private homes etc are the ones who suffer when the lights go out on Friday night. Think beyond your anti-capitalist programming. The evil factory is not the only user of electricity.

      Having inexpertly turned off a power station, assuming you know how to do that without blowing it to bits, you were going to just switch it back on by Monday morning, were you? This is a power station, not a playstation. It takes quite a while to ‘boot up’.

      Did you check how much of the price we pay is tax, before claiming EOn are profiteering? You want EOn to research, invest and build alternative energy sources instead of coal – what with? Can they pay with Smarties?

      They will be investing in new power sources because coal, oil and even nuclear have a finite lifetime and it’s not all that long. To do so they need to make the money to invest. They don’t ‘borrow to invest’ and then spend it on useless projects. They make the money and use it for future energy generation so they stay in business. They can do that in the UK or somewhere else, it’s all the same to them. It is not all the same to us.

      EOn’s ‘carbon footprint’ will not change if they leave the UK entirely. Total global energy generation will not change if all the power companies leave the UK entirely. If you drive them all out, you have not saved a single carbon atom in emissions. They will make the same profits and generate the same power somewhere else. The only difference would be that we won’t have any. And all those jobs you sound so desperately concerned about will not exist, in the same way that they won’t exist when one day, the power stations are replaced by other energy sources. How many people are employed in the day to day running of a wind farm?

      You lefties don’t care about people at all. You see people as economic units to be traded and spent as you see fit to advance your bizarre ideology. If they don’t comply, kill them all. Burn the heretic, as you’ve already suggested, is your core response to anyone who disagrees. Your only goal is power over others. There is nothing else in your heads at all. You don’t even notice those who exert power over you.

      Alternative energy sources will come, because they must. Coal, gas and oil are not infinite resources. Energy generation companies, if they wish to survive, have no option but to look for alternative sources. It will happen.

      It will not happen today because the alternatives are not yet ready to take over. Try to come to terms with that.

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