Another pellet of sluggy goodness…

I may even write something of my own at some point today, but coverage of current issues is ample care of other esteemed blogologgists linked to on the right.

Oh please, please do


Some members are threatening to go to court to avoid repaying money demanded by Sir Thomas Legg, the independent auditor. Others are considering challenging their party leadership for banning them as candidates over their expenses.

Do it, you unbelievably conceited and corrupt parasites.  Watching your smug, entitled and cosy little world collapse in on itself  when the public are finally woken up to the sheer scale of your rapacious greed will be  a wonder to behold.  I’m salivating here.

So by all means carry on as you are, ‘cause I’m buying fucking popcorn this time.

There’s one reason and one reason only I’ll be buying a TV, and that’s to watch, in slow motion and repeatedly, the 100 or more ‘Portillo moments’ that are going to befall these fuckers come the election. And that’s why I find myself in agreement with Tom Fucking Harris. A distasteful position in which to find oneself, I assure you.

YouTube is gonna be busy next June.. lol



One thought on “Another pellet of sluggy goodness…

  1. Let’s see the bastards in front of a jury, trying to convince them they’ve done nothing wrong. Oh, and televise it as well.

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