When the lights go out…

We’ll all know who to go looking for. This dog-on-a-string dickbag:


Environmental activists claimed a major victory last night when plans for Britain’s first new coal-fired power station for 30 years were shelved after a sustained campaign.

The announcement by E.ON that it would delay a decision on Kingsnorth for three years is a serious setback for the Government’s principal environmental policy of supporting the capture and storage of carbon emissions from coal plants. The delay also heightens the risk of power cuts after 2015, when EU rules will force Britain to close nine of its largest and most polluting power stations.

E.ON’s decision was greeted as a victory by Greenpeace and will encourage activists to redouble their efforts to block other controversial schemes, including the planned third runway at Heathrow.

Fuck off swampy, you twat. Where do you think the electricity is going to come from? Solar? Wind? Not a friggin’ chance.


One thought on “When the lights go out…

  1. Solar? Nope. Not when they oppose a solar plant in the middle of the fucking desert until the company planning it gives up on it. Wind turbines? Not when parts of Big Eco like the RSPB are finally noticing the the feathers and sliced up lumps of dead birds gently raining to the ground around the fucking things. Even the fucking carbon capture technology that the greenies have asked for, and only fucking exists because of them instead of anything like a business case for using it, isn’t good enough for serenely smiling smug-u-likes posing Messiah like for the fucking cameras, the cunt.

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