Things I want from the next government…

All of which are things the Tories will manifestly not deliver.

  • Scottish Independence. Brutal, but the most appropriate way to solve the Barnett and West Lothian problems.
  • Replace Royal Mail with fully commercial operation
  • Stop sucking Obama’s cock
  • Raise personal allowance to £10,000
  • Reduce National Insurance
  • Withdrawal from climate change concensus
  • Parcel up and privatise the NHS
  • Repeal of all Anti-civil-liberties laws written since 2001
  • Ditch the smoking ban
  • Withdraw from the EU & repeal all UK laws passed due to EU directives.
  • Abolish the Health & Safety Executive
  • Limit Union donations to political parties to £50,000p.a.
  • Ditch the hunting ban
  • Remove all speed cameras & disband speed camera partnerships.

I’m sure there’ll be more…



10 thoughts on “Things I want from the next government…

  1. It’s a beginning. I suspect you have been kind, just to give us a taste of what should come to pass.

    What about repealing every single one of the nonsensical statutes that the EU shat out? Over 85% of the 3,640 new statutes foisted on us by ZaNuLabour came from Brussels.

    The dozy bastards in Westmonster had no idea what they were voting in. They simply acted like drones and did what the Whips told them to do.

    AND, lets pass a law that says if you even WANT to be an MP you should be immediately disqualified from becoming one.


  2. A well armed military to protect us from invasion, a police and judicial service to deal with crime, a legal system that doesn’t consider victimless crimes as any kind of offence at all, a legislature that holds the government to account, and a government that does and costs much much less and preferably spends all its time in a glass case by a hammer and a sign reading ‘break glass in emergency’.

  3. Amend the handgun ban to allow properly supervised pistol shooting.

    Place a moratorium on all new “traffic calming” schemes and make a start on removing all the existing ones.

    Reverse all speed limit reductions since 1997 except where they are due to new development on a previously rural road.

    Stop all public transport subsidies.

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