… to find myself in complete agreement with Tom Harris.

Cameron: ‘Salmond would a superfluous appendage at a wedding’

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

OUR Dave has said Alex Salmond should not take part in any televised leaders’ debate during the election campaign, and of course he’s dead right.

Having representatives of the opinion polls’ “others” category would make the whole exercise pointless (and yes, I count the LibDems among the “others”). A head-to-head between Gordon and Cameron would make sense and would be worth watching. Bring in all the others – SNP, UKIP, BNP, LibDems, Cornish Nationalists, etc – and you might hear from Brown or Cameron once or twice in the entire debate, while we’ll be privy to what British foreign policy might be under a UK government led by Alex Salmond or Nigel Farage…

I just feed dirtied. I think I need a bleach shower…



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