It’s not racist to hate a foreign oppressor…

This is quite smelly too…


Detectives are hunting an elderly letter writer with virulent pro-English views responsible for sending more than 50 pieces of racially abusive hate mail to people including the Prime Minister.

Are the Scotch a race now, then? Since fucking when? If you’d care to propose that they are an altogether different species, however, I may listen.

Let’s look at what this random nut-job has done. then.

The writer expresses anti-BBC views and accuses the corporation of racial bias.

OMFGZZZZ! Criminal mastermind and leader of the Fourth Reich, indeed.

The Scottish Parliament and system is also a regular target for abuse. Commonly used phrases in the letters include “English Parliament”, “Exit Europe”, “Repatriation” and “BBC Shutdown”.

Now, look. I’m sure that if any of these letters contained the words “paki” or “nigger”, or anything about Islam, that would have been front and centre of the article, would it not? No – the dangerous phrases are “English Parliament”, “Exit Europe”, “Repatriation” and “BBC Shutdown”.

Various police forces had already started their own investigations when letters were received in their areas, but the Hampshire force has since taken control of the inquiry.

Officers have taken hundreds of statements and the Forensic Science Service has examined hundreds of articles for fingerprints and DNA.



“We have made some progress, but we need the public’s assistance in helping us find the person responsible for sending this nasty series of racially abusive letters, some of the recipients of which have been left extremely distressed by the content," added Det Insp Goff.

Show me the evidence of racial abuse. So far, all you’ve shown me is the opinion of the mainstream wing of the blogosphere, which last time I looked (and I can’t be sure any more) was not illegal.

“We are hoping that someone will recognise the handwriting, or the particularly distinctive style of illustration used in many of the letters.

I’m sure you are, because you’re going to look like a right bunch of fuck-knuckles when you can’t find Victor Fucking Meldrew.

“Do you know someone who does drawings like this? Do you recognise the writing? Perhaps you work in a post office and recognise the writing of a regular customer? If so, we urgently want to hear from you so we can bring an end to this series of racial abuse.”

Oh and anyone who provides these fascist cunts with any information should be buttfucked with a JCB.

If JD or Steve Shark are reading, I know what you’re thinking, but my view wouldn’t change if this guy turned out to be an EDP member.


6 thoughts on “It’s not racist to hate a foreign oppressor…

  1. Ah, I saw this yesterday (got a post queued up on it gor today) and thought the same as you. That initial article (it was on in the Beeb) didn’t have an example of the letters though…

  2. Second image in, on the bottom row, he (I guess it’s a he anyway, perhaps that’s me being sexist) does use the word “Nigger”, although I can’t actually read much else of it. If the person he was sending this to was black, then I can understand that they may have taken offence. Although perhaps that offence would be reduced if it were discovered that the sender was black? Is it okay for black people to call each other nigger? Or was that just in Pulp Fiction?

    If the person he was sending it to was white and was being professionally offended, then I’m less understanding – and trust me, I’m not particularly understanding as I was brought up with the “names will never hurt me” approach and tend not get offended by anything.

    I agree with you that merely abusing people for being Scottish (or French, or ideally, both) shouldn’t be enough to warrant a police investigation. Nice to see the police being used for such important criminal work though, rather than just being a political movement… Oh.

  3. i will not help to find the dangerous criminal who supports clean, well-scrubbed hospitals less foreign freeloaders, and who has the effrontery to write to those responsible for running HMP Britain.
    as for the police, well, there’s less risk in hunting Victor than protecting a mother and daughter from years of abuse by yobs. what’s one burnt-out car and two agonised deaths compared with the hassle of arresting people?
    so go for it, catch that villain, Detective Inspector Goff. help keep the Queen’s Peace. this scribbler is a menace. he thinks and writes. go for it, ruin his life.

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