The one good thing about the coming winter…

Is the return of political hilarity after a fairly flibbertigibbeterous summer.

Via Old Holborn, I learn that:

The tradition that parties do not put forward a candidate to stand against the Speaker is going to have a fascinating result in Buckinghamshire.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP party has stepped forward to fill the gap. He is standing against John Bercow in the next election.

Will the Tories be able to resist the temptation to wave good-bye to Bercow by voting UKIP, or will they just honourably restrain themselves from voting at all?

Watch this space.

The finest tradition of comic farce looms ahead.

Nothing much to add to that, but I’m getting popcorn in.



5 thoughts on “The one good thing about the coming winter…

  1. Well, Farage has a tough task ahead.
    I know the area – rural and lots of old money.
    Still worth a punt, though.
    I wonder what odds William Hill are offering?

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