Demand for Hookers Explodes as Harriet Harman Promotes Premium Source…

Fucking stupid cow…







Bad day…

If you think your day sucked, spare a thought for this guy

Dear Madame Fate,

Thank you for the lovely gift of a pistol in my face almost two weeks ago. Sorry that it’s taken a while for me to write to say thanks, but you know how trivial pursuits get in the way. I’m really grateful for the incident and use the experience gleaned from it every night just before I go to sleep and then again at 3am in the morning when I wake up in a cold sweat. It’s probably the best gift anybody has given to me and a great comfort.

I also want to say thanks for making sure there is a lack of evidence left behind by the magical gunmen who delivered the present on your behalf, which means that the police won’t be able to pass on my thanks to them in person. You are so thoughful not to allow them to waste their time trying to catch your magical gunmen who, incidentally, were really very kind, well spoken, polite young men.  I didn’t realise how much better my bedroom looked with everything I own strewn across the floor until they demonstrated it to me. You clearly choose only the most creative and artistic of gunfolk to carry out your work and both you and they should be proud. I was also grateful for their bonus demonstration on gangland interrogation. I’m glad it was only a demonstration, though, as I was a bit worried about my kneecap at one point. Such jolly japes have been talked about around the dinner table many times.

Can I also say thanks to the insurance company who have decided not to cover the possessions that your magical gunmen must have picked up by mistake.

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What he said…

What fresh hell is this?

Asylum seekers are to be subjected to DNA tests in an attempt to confirm their true nationalities
I am sat here, agog.

What the blue buggering fuck is this?  Are they just throwing out press releases designed to provoke as much as public outrage as humanly possible?

I am at a loss as to how this would even function.

Even if we assume that ancestry can be reliably traced using this technology, it surely cannot address the pragmatic legal questions of nationality. Imagine a British citizen wanting to enter, say, the US: Imagine they have a South-African father and a Chinese mother, oh and the dad has Dutch ancestry on his dad’s side, what are you left with? An immigration situation that no amount of genetic analysis would help in clarifying.

And aside from the very obvious scientific flaws, this strategy seems to indicate that the UK borders agency think genotype defines nationality.  Just like the BNP do.

Bit of a recurring theme, these days…

Nicely put, Salty.


Desperate times, desperate measures…

The deluded Labiaists are crowing that the Tory lead has been cut to 7% in a YouGov poll…ORLY?


Just look at Brown’s approval figures, though.. lol.


Don’t know??? Oh please.


Zeitgeist captured in The Times…



Finally, the sheeple are waking up…


A vote for Cameron is a vote for the EU…

It really is now as simple as that…


The Tory leader’s signal could antagonise eurosceptic Tories who want a popular vote on the document whether or not it has taken legal force.

Mr Cameron is in a political quandary over his pledge to hold a British vote on the treaty.

It has now been ratified by 23 of the 27 EU states, including the UK.

Ireland, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic have not endorsed it yet, but are likely to do so before the British general election next year.

In that case, a new Tory government would have to decide whether to hold a British referendum on a ratified treaty, something that other EU leaders say would effectively be an in-or-out choice on Britain’s entire EU membership.

[Cameron] said:

"If this treaty is still alive, if it is still being discussed and debated anywhere in Europe, then we will give you that referendum, we will name the date during the election campaign, we’ll hold that referendum straight away and I will lead the campaign for a No," he said.

"Now, if those circumstances change, if the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote Yes to the treaty, then a new set of circumstances [apply], and I will address those at the time."

"I want us to be in the European Union. We are a trading nation, we should be co-operating with our allies and friends in Europe over things like the environment and crime, of course we should."

Oh dear oh dear… so we aren’t going to get a referendum, unless we can persuade the Czech republic to stall, while they are under coercive pressure to ratify.

Plus c’est la meme chose…

I’m really, really not going to be able to vote for Cameron.


Winter to be coldest for 100 years…




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