Bank holidays…

if you drive, your bank holiday is bound to be hindered by a bunch of these cunts.


Yes – caravans.  And this one is one of the ‘boss creatures’ of the caravanning world. One is able to make this determination, because this particular shed is being pulled by….


.. yes… a VOLVO! DIE CUNT.

I have no idea why these people feel compelled to drag a fibre-glass khazi round the sodding country, getting in everyone’s fucking way.

But that is quite simply all they do.

To this day, the funniest episode ever of Top Gear is the caravanning holiday.




About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

2 Responses to Bank holidays…

  1. Nick says:

    We used to have a sweepstake in the office on who would see the first dead caravan in the summer.

    PS I drive a volvo. (However I regularly use the 185 BHP to piss of Beemer driver when I overtake them)

    • Al Jahom says:

      Your 185 bhp? Get you…

      If it wasn’t so heavy, your OVLOV might get off the line as quickly as a Skoda Octavia vRS.

      My 286bhp Bimmer, on the other hand, would make you look decidedly feminine.

      And so would an enthusiastically driven 318i.

      Please take off your cycle helmet when you come indoors.


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