Happy Blogday to Me….

Today is this blog’s first birthday.

It started as not much. It’s still not much. Practically fuck all, in fact.

But I am now the 22nd most popular Scottish blogger, according to Total Politics. As an Englishman living in the south of England, I consider this to be a most remarkable achievement. Apparently the only test of Scottishness the TP team apply is support for Scottish independence. :o)

Traffic has grown month on month, every month, with the exception of February and April 2009.


With 5 days of August remaining, this will also be a growth month. (UPDATE: Yeah – that happened now – I pre-posted this last night.)

To this day, I have never received a (non-spam) comment that I have deleted or edited. I hope to keep it that way, even if I do switch on pre-moderation if I’m away for any period of time.

So, I can only thank everyone who has read, commented, linked and voted. Especially the person who encouraged me to start the blog – it’s been an absolute blessing.

Onwards and upwards.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

17 Responses to Happy Blogday to Me….

  1. LoudMimeDave says:

    Happy birthday, blog!

  2. “As an Englishman living in the south of England, I consider this to be a most remarkable achievement.”

    Excellent! ;o)

    And come grab your relations, too.

  3. SaltedSlug says:

    I was about to ask how you work out when you started your blog. This is when I realised I’m the stupidest cunt on the planet.

    Congrats, buddy.

    • Al Jahom says:

      I LOL’ed in a meeting when that popped up on my phone… hehe..

      • SaltedSlug says:

        I aim to please.

        it occurs to me that I have neglected to link to your blog, I am all that is cunt. I shall rectify, just as soon as I’ve finished tearing HenryNorthLondon a new arse.

        Oh and Obo has never linked to me, the massive fucking throbber.

        • Al Jahom says:

          Nice work – consider yourself blogrolled… :-)

          I’m given to understand H might not be entirely averse to your proposed arse tearing.. lol.

  4. Impressive graph. Congrats, mate.

    • Al Jahom says:

      Impressive until you see what the numbers are just off the left hand side ;-)

      In any case, it’s all with the help of friends, and a fair amount of traffic has come to me via your place. Cheers, chap. :-)

      If I see the same magnitude of growth in the next 12 months, that would really be something.

  5. fausty says:

    You do yourself a disservice. You speak your mind eloquently. More power to you!

    • Al Jahom says:

      Thankyou, kind sir.

      Suffice it to say, I’ve learned and forgotten the hubris lesson (lessen?) many times.

  6. It’s hard work, a long old slog, and often it’s painful and thankless, but as you have shown the long old road is eventually worth it. Nice to see your success and as you say, onwards and upwards.

    Kind regards


  7. JuliaM says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  8. Belated blogday greetings from a Real Scotch Cunt!!

  9. Al Jahom says:

    Cheers all :-)

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