I don’t know if you ever heard of it, but for sometime there’s been a service whereby you can dial 2580 on a mobile phone, and play music to the phone for 30 secs.

Within a minute or so, you get a text telling you the title and artist details. It’s brilliant.

Well, there’s now a free app for the Google Android platform, called Shazam, which provides the same service over 3G.

It’s recognised everything I’ve thrown at it so far, with one solitary exception:

If you have a G1, Touch or Hero, give it a whirl.



Inglourious Basterds… A quick capsule review


If you haven’t seen it, why not?

It’s classic Tarantino, and Brad Pitt is just excellent.

There’s some great gore and some absolutely ROFLsome moments.

Look out for:

i) The Mike Myers cameo
ii) The bloke who looks like Rob Brydon
iii) The bloke who looks like David Cameron.

If you’ve seen it and you didn’t like it…. WTF?


UPDATE: there’s a rather more comprehensive review (with spoilers) here:

London Eye

If you’ haven’t been on it, why the hell not?

Okay – it took me nearly 10 years to get round to it, but what fucking great value it is!





Sadly, reflections in the glass of the pod make really good pics difficult to take.

Oh and if you do go to the Eye, get fast track tickets, or you’ll be queuing like it’s Alton Towers on a bank holiday Monday. And that makes you a bitch.


Bank holidays…

if you drive, your bank holiday is bound to be hindered by a bunch of these cunts.


Yes – caravans.  And this one is one of the ‘boss creatures’ of the caravanning world. One is able to make this determination, because this particular shed is being pulled by….


.. yes… a VOLVO! DIE CUNT.

I have no idea why these people feel compelled to drag a fibre-glass khazi round the sodding country, getting in everyone’s fucking way.

But that is quite simply all they do.

To this day, the funniest episode ever of Top Gear is the caravanning holiday.



Nature Gawp 6…

On of our pecksters is missing….


I’d like to think that the third chick was indentified as male and re-homed… I hope.


Here’s a family pic, with speshul brudder in the background.


Recall, if you will, that on 21st June, the chicks looked like this:

The full series of pics in this longitudinal study are here:


It’s been a while…

Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhh… That’s better…

Apart from 4 mins of desk drumming has left everything weighing less than a kilo smashed on the floor. Fucking cantilevered desks. :-#


UPDATE: In fact, I’m listening to the whole album (Psalm 69) and it’s rather sublime.

A victory worth savouring…

in the comments of this post


Have that, you Bucky-guzzling caber-swallower. :oP


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