Top Ten Blogs survey in Total Politics

Via Boaty & D, Obo and various others, I see the process of whoring for votes in this poll has got underway.

I’m still mulling over whether it’s proper to publish my list of nominees, so it may appear later. Suffice it to say, I voted for B&D, Obo and Dizzy. I didn’t vote for Mrs Dale, DK or Dan Hannan.

In the unlikely event that you locate enough quality political content on this site*, amid all the drivel and gobshitery, Maison du Jahom would be delighted to receive your nomination.


* Since you’re unlikely to find it, let me help you out.

You may laugh now, septics, but it won’t last…. « Al Jahom’s Final Word

A new constitutional settlement… « Al Jahom’s Final Word

A government of all the unelected twats… « Al Jahom’s Final Word

Welcome to live coverage of No Sympathy Night… « Al Jahom’s Final Word

Guardian take on the BNP with a damp cloth… « Al Jahom’s Final Word

The Prince « Al Jahom’s Final Word

There’s something I need to tell you…. « Al Jahom’s Final Word

MPs’ pay and perks… « Al Jahom’s Final Word

Tom Harris – Award Nominated Bloggist…. « Al Jahom’s Final Word

BNP Membership List « Al Jahom’s Final Word

Aspiration vs Desperation « Al Jahom’s Final Word


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Blogs survey in Total Politics

  1. Nice one, boss. Appreciate the vote de la confidance.

    Agreed about Dale. Utter waste of space, if I’m going to be brutally honest.
    There could be a debate about the merits of poached and boiled eggs and he’d somehow sit on the fence and slip a nice word in for a Labour Party minister somewhere. Him and Finkelstein must get on like a house on fire. Fucking useless wet centrist Tory twats.

    Well, it’ll be interesting to see how the poll works out. No doubt ‘Guido’ will be up there, having been rubber stamped by the cadre of fucking shameless arselickers and hangers on in the wannabe politico world of Westminster blog tossers (this obviously includes Anna Raccoon, naturally).

    Let them enjoy their love in. At the end of the day, reality is truth and truth is reality: sites that win accolades tend to be piss poor clouds of badger fart in a fucking carrier bag. Fuck ’em.

    Our sites are, without meaning to sound childish, remarkably better and feature far better comment.

  2. So bitter… ;-)

    We differ on Guido, but I think his rating in this year’s poll will be his swansong.

    But it would be silly to think he doesn’t know this, and that he hasn’t already got a new plan underway.

    Yes…. he’s a funny looking republican cunt, but the tie that binds he and I is one that is stronger than politics and it is this:

    The Hedonistic Imperative.

    Google it.

    Then bring your wife to my commune so she can make us some goddam tea!


    p.s. What’s her Chilli like?

  3. Chilli? What you take us for, common people?

    It’s all about the braised steak and Sunday Roast, d’boy. None of that ‘meal in ten minutes’ yuppie rubbish.

    I will google that, in just a tick, as soon as I’ve finished vomitting on account of reading your vaguely positive overture towards that total and utter wanker Guido.

    Come on, Al. Don’t be taken in by that bloke. He’s a self serving A-Hole.

  4. Ahhhhh you’re the Yerkshire branch of the Italian founded ‘slow’ movement. Slow food, slow internet, slow cars, you see where I’m going with this? ;-)

    I’m also a fan of something originating (indirectly) from the same latin region. Dominos Pizza. Not least because they’re practically the only bit of my portfolio that didn’t hit the fucking floor late last year.

    Re ‘Guido’: I’m not ‘taken in’ by him, but read about the Hedonistic Imperative, and read the articles he (Staines) wrote 10+ years ago over at David Davis’ Libertarian Alliance site.

    And if nothing else, the way he took Draper down is something I’ll not forget in a long while. Much laughter was had at watching that cunt being torn a new one.


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