Review: Lexus IS 220d

It’s over a year now, since I spent a fortnight living with this car. So, you’d think my memory would be hazy. It was. Fortunately, my vanity insisted I record a podcast about my experience. It was of insufficient quality for my vanity to share with you good folk, but it allowed me to compile a précis:

I liked: I didn’t like:
LS430 IS220d
Lexus badge cachet, build quality The car
The car’s form Its function
‘Sporty’ narrow gate 6 speed manual gearbox 2nd takes you to 45mph. 3rd takes you to 95mph. Big stupid yawning gap in motorway joining and overtaking acceleration.
  6th gear is so long that the whole interior of the car vibrates if you put your foot to the floor below about 80 mph.
  visually, it’s difficult to tell what gear you’re in. 1st, 3rd, 5th? etc…
The 3.5mm socket under the driver’s armrest for MP3 player. The gain into the fitted audio system was so low that the MP3 player and the car stereo had to be turned up to full volume to get a half decent hearing.
  Changing to CD or radio and getting my ears blown off by max. vol. emissions.
12v outlet under driver’s armrest Can’t lower/close armrest with anything in said power socket.
12v outlet at bottom of front centre console Can’t hit 5th gear without hitting anything plugged into this 12v socket.
Keyless opening Lack of keyless closing.
  Having to go back without your keys to make sure it’s locked.
  Having to go get your keys when it isn’t.
Explaining to the dumbassed provider why I shouldn’t leave the keys on the nearside front tyre so they could come and collect the car while I was away. Agreeing with them and doing so anyway.
Cruise control Position of cruise-control controls: Cause of several spliff cigarette burns to my trousers.
Light sensing headlamp activation All interior instruments mimicking Piccadilly Circus every time I went under a bridge.
  And where are the rain-sensing wipers?
The fitted audio system – it’s powerful and refined, so long as you feed it CDs. I can’t see any of the controls or readouts if the sun is out.
The centre console readout, when you can see it, is reminiscent of a 1980s Ferguson or Grundig video recorder. The car is also like a 1980s VCR: Clunky, ill resolved and more about the shiny aesthetic porn of the device than technological and ergonomic excellence.
It can do over 100mph It feels as stable as an A40 van at those speeds.
I was propositioned at the gym. It was a sure bet. It was a guy called Gavin. He had a Lexus too.

After two of the seventeen days I was forced to spend with this ludicrous concoction of automotive gibberish, I called the provider and literally begged for a Mondeo.

Hope this helps car hunters wherever…. if not, suck my bell.



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5 Responses to Review: Lexus IS 220d

  1. Angry Exile says:

    Light sensing headlights and rain sensing wipers? What’s wrong with the light sensing and rain sensing brain that comes as standard on every driver?

  2. Swap you for my 9 year old Ford Escort. It only has a little bit of rust round the nearside rear wheel arch!

  3. Benjamin Loveridge-Rowe says:

    This is literally the worst review I have ever seen!

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