Police blogger ‘Nightjack’ unmasked… Orwell Prize in jeopardy???

The Times defeated an attempt by the blogger to obtain an injunction, preventing him being named.


If you’ll read on, you’ll notice that he has been disciplined by his force for disclosing privileged and sensitive information that could be traced back to cases he has worked on.

Now, there’ll be a shitstorm about the rights of bloggers like myself to remain anonymous, and rightly so.

But how long will it take people to realise that, when Nightjack won the Orwell prize for his blog, he did so under dubious circumstances? Effectively, in winning the prize by abusing a position of power and privilege, he cheated.

Once a copper, always a copper, I say.

Still, he beat Tom Harris, so I maybe prepared to cut the guy a break.


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