On the price of fags and the benefits of defying Gordon…

The price differential between here and mainland Europe represents an opportunity.

Here’s how:

3200 cigs will cost you around £928 in UK, whereas in Belgium, they’ll cost £605.

With the difference, I can get:

  • Eurotunnel return.
  • Breakdown cover.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Night in a luxury room in a 5* hotel, with breakfast & wifi.
  • Petrol for the round trip.

At that point I’ve broken even and had a jolly lovely jaunt into the bargain.

If I bring back my allowance in baccy, I can save a further £400, in relative terms.

Once I’ve stopped off in France on the way back to pick up my allowances of wine & beer, I’m up about another £800-1000 depending on what I buy.




PETA turn to guerrilla malevolence; popularity soars…

Their tactics are starting to genuinely appeal to me…

Via Andtherewasmethinking and Dick Puddlecote, comes news that the loonies at PETA have found a sick new way of promoting the cause, as seen on this sign outside a hospital in Glasgow where someone died from H1N1 (misnomer: swine) flu.


lol.. they’ve finally found a way to tap my sense of humour.. I’ve come up with a few other situational gags they may think about…




You’re welcome….


UPDATE: Have tweaked #1 for snappiness

Confusion sets in for Dick Puddlecote

ON the topic of Kerry McCarthy, DP says:

as illiberal, lefty, bansturbating hectors go, she isn’t that bad.

In other news, the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Rod Hull, has just been on the news to reassure us that:

This is a particularly benign strain of ebola, which has been injected into the water supply, and on balance it will prove to be a public good.


By-Election Betting

Having wished I’d put money on Labour to retain Glenrothes, but not being able to stomach celebrating a Labour win, I’ve made my peace with the fact that large tranches of the UK contain nought but the irredeemably stupid.

So, with 2 more by-elections on the way, I thought it time to have another punt.

  • In Glasgow North-East, vacated by Michael Martin, Labour are at 8/13 with Ladbrokes: £20 on.
  • In Norwich North, vacated by Ian Gibson, Labour are 9/2 with Ladbrokes: £15 on.

It’d be scant compensation, but it’d be better than nothing. I’m still mulling over hedging Glasgow North-East, with SNP at 6/5, but I just don’t think that bet offers particularly good value and the SNP are likely to fall victim to mid-term blues in Scotland, especially after Gordo and Ally ‘saved’ the Scottish banks.


Just in from the failblog…


Snigger*… I’m not sure Gazeria would have been any better.


* Some web filtering systems block this word… but allow Scunthorpe. Curious.

Obo on life’s saddest truth…



More nature…

Rattled off a few shots earlier.. here’s some cuttings…

Click the images for hi-res versions.

Image8 Image1

Image2 Image3

Image4 Image5

Image6 Image7

Or don’t. What the fuck do I care??


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