Ed Balls to become Chancellor???

Gordon Brown wants Ed Balls as chancellor

GORDON BROWN is ready to promote Ed Balls, his closest political ally, to chancellor this week in a high-stakes gamble to restore Labour’s political fortunes.

According to a top-level leak from Downing Street, the prime minister wants to make the appointment the centrepiece of a sweeping reshuffle on Friday, after the local and European polls.

With Balls, the schools secretary, one of the most divisive figures in government, the move would be a huge risk, which could trigger a ferocious backlash within the Labour party that could spiral into a leadership challenge.




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Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

4 Responses to Ed Balls to become Chancellor???

  1. mummylonglegs says:

    See, I knew you was cheating. You have been absent for a couple of days. You weren’t dying a death (I was very worried). You were writing very clever, calculated posts that, in their brilliance, have made you look bloody fab. It’s not fair, you smell bad and you are just mean.

    So there.


    * ,sticks tongue out and blows rasberry at you.

  2. aljahom says:

    Worry not. Flap not. My inspiration cannot be scheduled.

    Except for in exchange for money, which is both a catalyst and a lubricant.


  3. HAHAHA Where the fuck did you find that picture?

    That did make me laugh!

    • aljahom says:

      I made it, bitch…

      The original pic of Eddy Bollocks looked like it needed a(nother) dick in it.

      Rearrange these words into a statement: Ed Balls sucks.

      I reckon that it works which ever way you rearrange it, provided there’s a hyphen on standby in some cases.


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