Clarkson Sense….

It’s heartening to see viewpoints such as these propounded in The Sun – beloved by the malleable masses whose opinion must be influenced to ensure a decisive kicking-out of Labour come the next election.

A viewpoint that he and I share:

Brown’s Britain gives me rules rage

We used to get by on the phrase "mustn’t grumble", but now the whole country is starting to drown in its own bile.

I’m not angry though. I’m way past angry. You get angry when you hope to achieve something as a result. But I know that we can’t achieve anything, which is why the feeling I have is a shoulder-sagging despair.

This is how I get by in this terrible world Brown has created. By ignoring the nonsense.

By refusing to obey written instructions on an escalator to face the direction of travel.

By smoking where I can’t. By breaking the speed limit. By having muddy number plates. And by smuggling my toothpaste on to airliners.

It makes no difference to anyone else. But it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And it’s a better way of dealing with the despair than committing suicide, which is the only other option.

And again:

Get real, Mr Politician or you’ll find yourself sitting next to a Nazi

The main reason why the BNP will do well is because the main parties seem to have completely lost touch with what their supporters actually want out of life.

We have the Conservatives dreaming up policies to suit whatever mood happens to be prevailing at the time, when all their voters want is for the economy to be mended. So that taxes can be cut. And then cut again.

And then we have the fools and madmen in the Labour Party.

Does Gordon Brown, for instance, think that in the clubs of South Yorkshire, where I grew up, people want a smoking ban?

Does he believe that White Van Man sits down to watch Top Gear and thinks: "You know, this would be a whole lot better if Richard Hammond had a vagina"?

Does he think, even for a small moment, that the people who put a cross in his box give even a small toss about "the environment"?

Or that the foundry worker wants to finish his shift and "drink responsibly"?

And then there’s the question of immigration.

Of course, I can quite understand why the champagne socialists are worried about the plight of poor Ndjama.

His village has been sacked by rebels, he has nowhere to live and nothing to eat.

Of course they would want him to have a home in Britain.

Fundamentally, they are good people with big hearts.

But mostly they want Ndjama to come here because when he does, he’s not going to be living in their street.

So, Ndjama will go and live in someone else’s street and that person will be quite cross.

Especially when he goes to work one day and finds Ndjama at the wheel of his forklift truck.

The Labour Party say that immigration is good for Britain and morally the right policy to pursue.

This may be so. But those who put them in power, emphatically, do not think this way.

We are all tribal. We like being in a group and we distrust outsiders.

We have our family unit, our bunch of friends, the town where we live, the football club we support, and, especially if we are Scottish, the country of which we are proud.

The big-hearted, liberal-thinking chaps and chapesses who advise Brown and his gang of fiddlers may think this is backward and pre-historic.

They think tribalism could even be dangerous. And again, they may be right.

But you wouldn’t allow Man United’s fans to sit among the Barca boys in a stadium because it would end in a fight.

And if you let half of Africa come to Britain – no matter how morally correct this may be – you’re going to wind people up and gift the BNP your seat.

Then we’ll see how tolerant these champagne socialists are.

When they go to work and find themselves sitting next to a Nazi.

Now, the interesting thing here is that he mentions tribalism and the liberal left’s attitude to it.

Socialism is a tribal movement. The Labour Party is a tribal party. Any intelligent reading of his modus operandi tells us that Gordon Brown is one of the most stubbornly and fiercely tribal people we have in British politics.

Damn – a cry of hypocrisy would come in useful here… but I’ve burst that bubble below.



2 thoughts on “Clarkson Sense….

  1. My local McDonald’s (Congleton) has a “turn right only” sign where you come out of the drive thru. I don’t go there very often thank God (not the best food in the world) but it’s utterly pointless and I can see no reason for it. One of these days I should just ignore it and turn left, it’d save tyre wear and petrol as it would cut out 400 yards of unnecessary travel. But OH NO, I am a sheep, I turn right, sigh…. I really need to get a grip.


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