Revenge: A dish best served in Dubai…

It’s not the first time.. won’t be the last.

Briton Sally Antia faces prison in Dubai on adultery charge

Sally Antia, 43, was arrested as she left a Dubai hotel with a man. Appearing in a court in Dubai on Sunday, she confessed to cheating on her husband and paying to fly her lover from Britain to the United Arab Emirates. The 44-year-old man denied the charge.

The pair had their passports confiscated. Mrs Antia, who had spent three weeks in police custody before the hearing, was denied bail.

It is understood that Mrs Antia’s husband, Vincent, 48, also believed to be British, informed the police of his suspicions this month. Divorce proceedings are under way between the couple.

It’s rare, in a divorce, for the husband to stitch up the wife rather than the other way around though… for an embittered bastard like me, this is a refreshing change.

I just do not understand why anyone would want to go to Dubai, let alone live there. But then, I know that I have respect the laws and customs of any foreign countries I visit – if I can’t or won’t, I don’t go there. Sadly, on that, I seem to be in a minority – both of Brits abroad and foreigners here.



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