One rule for them…

I wouldn’t have much sympathy for this woman:

Mother faces prison for trying to get son into better school

Mrs Patel has admitted putting her mother’s address as her own on the application form, but claims that it was an honest mistake.

She now faces up to a year in jail after being charged with ‘fraud by false representation’ under new powers created in 2006. She is due to appear at Harrow Magistrates’ Court later this month.

Mrs Patel said: “In January last year, my marriage was going through some difficulties so I moved out to my mother’s house. I had left my husband and had no intention of coming back so I put down my mother’s address as my own and tried to get Rhys into Pinner Park, which is just across the road.

“But three weeks later I was reconciled with my husband and moved back, without realising it would have a bearing on the school application.”

Were it not for the way government ministers see fit to declare which ever address suits them as their main abode, usually to get a considerably larger benefit than a place at a state school – hundreds of thousands of pounds in Additional Costs Allowances for one thing. More infuriating is their blatant abuse of the tax system to evade (yes evade – not avoid)  paying capital gains tax when they sold the flats we’d tarted up for them by claiming that they were main abodes when sold – we’d been paying for them as second homes, which are liable to cap gains tax on any profit when sold.

Guido has the details.

The Times reports that Baroness Thornton, a Labour minister in the whips’ office, with a £1 million family house near Hampstead Heath claims up to £22,000 a year in expenses by saying that her mother’s modest bungalow in Yorkshire is her main home.

Hazel Blears flipped her main residence and told a different story to the tax man enabling her to avoid paying capital gains tax on the £45,000 profit she made out of taxpayers.

Something to mull over; HMRC allows £5 per night subsistence deductions to taxpayers for overnight stays in the UK.  MPs voted themselves £20-a-day tax-free subsistence payments.  Why is the rule different for MPs?  Do they eat 300% more than the rest of us?

Thieving hypocritical shitbags. Just slap the cuffs on the goddamned lot of them.



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