What fresh fuckbaggery is this?

What is Cameron talking about?

David Cameron warns wealthy taxpayers will foot bill for recession

I’m not sure how he can say that when death tax thresholds will be increased, but anyway.

Mr Cameron gave his strongest hint that the Conservatives would retain the 45p in the pound tax rate on those earning £150,000 or more, due to come next year, saying: “The richest in our society must bear a fair share of the burden.”

Is that how one defines rich? You can come from the gutter, via a decent university and end up earning £150k while you’re still paying your student loan and the rent on your mother’s council flat for her, because her pension’s fucked. Is that rich, you trust-fund munching silver-spooned cunt?

“I am a Conservative who believes in lower taxes. But in today’s fiscal circumstances, the priority must go to debt reduction. Put simply, our overriding objective will need to change from sharing the proceeds of growth, to paying down our debt.”

Obviously ignoring the significant potential for a tax cut to provide an economic stimulus there, Dave. If Darling had previously resisted Broon’s pleas for a tax cut in next month’s budget, I bet he won’t be able to resist now. An election within a year. Cameron says no tax cuts, Broon cuts taxes. It’s classic.

Instead of tax cuts, Mr Cameron promised a full-scale review of public spending to cut out waste and inefficiency, including slashing high salaries earned by “quango-crats” running public bodies.

Don’t give me that Gershon bullshit. Dave, you don’t have the cojones for it. Sir Humphrey had total control before you were born and he’ll outlive you too.

The drive against debt would not, however, prevent a Conservative Government from introducing measures to heal what the leader described as “broken Britain”.

Paying off debt would be coupled with a focus on “socially responsible” spending measures, such as improving schools and hospitals, which would have economic benefits in the long run.

Mr Cameron went on: “We are not going to behave like flint faced turbo-charged accountants, slashing spending without regard to the social consequences.

“We are going to behave like progressive Conservatives, pursuing our aims of a fairer society, an opportunity society, a safer society and a greener society in all that we do.

“But we will pursue these progressive aims through Conservative means – including proper control of public spending.”

And do you really want a brain drain? After all, the productive members of society have been waiting for a conservative government for 12 years now. Is this how you plan to repay them? Tax the earners, rather than the inheritors? Very ‘progressive’, Dave.

I don’t think I’ll be voting for you, you tefal-headed twat.



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