A prediction…

In 2014-15 there will be a general election. The BNP will win more seats in Parliament than the LibDems.

Where will all of these new BNP voters come from? Well, apart from the disaffected old Labourists, there’s a whole new tranche currently coming through the education system.

Ethnic minority pupils race ahead of poor white classmates in schools

Immigrant pupils are overtaking many white children at school because their families place more value on education, a key Government adviser has said.

The Government has poured millions of pounds in to tackling boys’ underachievement, yet only 15 per cent of 16-year-old white boys who qualify for free school meals – an indicator of deprivation – leave schools with five GCSEs at grades A* to C, including maths and English.

The figure for black boys from similar backgrounds is 22 per cent and for children from Asian backgrounds, 29 per cent – still low but improving.

Some critics have argued that funding ringfenced for ethnic minority pupils should be redirected.

In a report last year, researchers from Manchester University identified a cycle of underachievement in white working-class families which was endemic in some areas.

The report, which focused on how some schools were bucking the trend, said that teachers had to abandon the mindset that poor white children were doomed to failure because of their background.

This is where they’re going to come from. After all, the Tories may well win in 2010, but they’ll be running an austerity government to get us out of the cavern of shite we’re getting ourselves into just now. They will be kicked out in 2015, a Falklands scenario notwithstanding, and who will be able to win power then? The balance of power will be everything and the BNP will come frighteningly close to holding it in their hands.

After all, as pointed out here, regarding the complete lack of substance emanating from the Cameroons:

The great problem is that, despite that failure, the erstwhile Conservatives will probably win the next general election. The even bigger problem will be that many of them will have convinced themselves that they won the election "on merit" rather than simply benefiting from the collapse of Labour.

Then the overwhelming problem will be that, having failed entirely to think through any coherent policies, and having suppressed debate on so many issues, they will not have the first idea of how to govern the country. From day one, they will be on the back foot, reacting to rather than dictating the agenda.

The fourth and final problem will be that when the erstwhile Conservatives fail – as indeed they must – there will no longer be an alternative party as a reservoir of hope for the deluded. It will be too soon for a Labour recovery.

Then the fun will really start.

My earlier prediction was that Norsefire would win a 2015 election, on the basis that Labour win next year (which is looking ever more unlikely – especially if Broon stays). The reality is no less grim.



One thought on “A prediction…

  1. The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everybody has decided not to see.
    Ayn Rand.

    They deem him their worst enemy, who tells them the truth.

    As Frank Sinatra sang once in a song “The best is yet to come”.

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