Global warming, Fuzzy Barry: My Arse, Cato’s Arse

Via the excellent climate realist blog Watt’s Up with That, I see that the Cato institute have gathered a bushel of signatures from the good and the great of climate science, all telling Fuzz Bazz to get back in his box regarding his ludicrous AlGoric Globule Warming pronouncements.

"Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change.The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear."

With all due respect Mr. President, that is not true.

We, the undersigned scientists, maintain that the case for alarm regarding climate change is grossly overstated. Surface temperature changes over the past century have been episodic and modest and there has been no net global warming for over a decade now.1,2 After controlling for population growth and property values, there has been no increase in damages from severe weather-related events.3 The computer models forecasting rapid temperature change abjectly fail to explain recent climate behavior.4 Mr. President, your characterization of the scientific facts regarding climate change and the degree of certainty informing the scientific debate is simply incorrect.

See the full page ad with the signatories listed here (PDF).

Can there be anyone who doubt that the whole Global Warming scam is a socialist political programme, and that it is therefore a combination of corruption, coercion, denormalisation and disaster?



Thanks a fucking bunch says everyone…

They’re bound to go for this. This government’s eye for a lose-lose-lose strategy is just uncanny. You have to laugh.

Cut in maternity leave to give fathers more time off

Statutory maternity leave should be cut to six months and new paid leave given to fathers, a report from the equalities watchdog says.

The focus on maternity leave has entrenched the notion that only mothers look after children and damages women’s careers by making them less attractive employees, the group warns.

I can immediately spot three groups who could lose out from this:

i) Women who have given birth. Do they want to go back to work ‘so soon’?

ii) New fathers who would rather be paid to polish the toilet floors in the Blue Oyster Bar than to spend any more time with their miraculous new shitting air-raid sirens.

iii) The productive members of the economy. The trouble with post-natal women, and I speak from a position of complete ignorance, is that they’re either completely mental or utterly baffled. With most it’s quite clear that their brains take a while to return to proper functioning order. Others will never recover. About a year is probably right to know for sure. So what’s the point in having them back in the business sooner than that, with all the post-natal prolapsed rectum treatments they’ll be excusing themselves for? In the meantime, productive men will be taken out of the economy for longer.

I just can’t see how these proposals can benefit anyone – certainly not an economy under such pressure as this.


Sunday Roll-Up


There’s way too much good stuff to cover today, and I want to do it while at least giving the impression that I have better things to do with my day.


Via Mummylonglegs, I see that Mr Jacqui Smith has been found out for claiming porno films watched via cable at home on MPs’ living expenses.

Here’s the thing: Hypocrisy cuts both ways. In almost any hotel in the UK you can charge ‘pay movies’ to your room, which will then be picked up on expenses. These items will be listed, with the specific purpose of being ambiguous, as ‘Room Service’ and frankly, they are an entitlement if you’re staying away from home and you’d rather spend £7 of your overnight allowance watching Bruce Willis than drinking beer. The available films always include one or two adult titles. Therefore, it’s legitimate to assume that thousands of travelling businessmen watch porn, on expenses, with impunity.

At least nail Smith for something she’s done that was wrong.

AJ has never indulged in this opportunity, because the sort of porn that is allowed to be screened on UK TV (even adult cable channels) is total rubbish. YouPorn is infinitely better value. Mr Timney is a mug.

Although, it makes me wonder if people will start asking what MPs and their lackeys are using the broadband for that we pay for.

The Devil also has this and makes some worthwhile points.


The Devil has identified another powerful weapon in the armoury of the Righteous.

The most evil word currently being used…

… is, in the opinion of your humble Devil, "consensus".

Anyone who uses the word "consensus" to justify any argument should be viewed with deep suspicion, if not outright hostility; what they are justifying is mob rule and that is always a bad thing.

Plus, they are probably a total cunt.

Seems reasonable to me.


Also via DK, is a paean to the sheer mendacity of David BonzoDogDooDahBand.


Via Old Holborn, the view is expounded that the government are actively formenting trouble on the streets, in order that they can invoke the Civil Contingencies Act.

Why am I convinced of trouble next week? Firstly, because the police are actively soliciting it. Secondly, because a large part of the protests are being organised by Government-sponsored quangos. Not by spontaneous public groups. Not by the furious public. The protests are organised by Government lackeys and the police are gearing up for big trouble. Police statements sound like those announcements made by boxers before the big fight. They are not appealing for calm. They are playing up the ‘there’s going to be trouble and we’re ready for it’ line. Apparently Trafalgar Square has been prepared for battle.

I hope OH’s scenario doesn’t play out. If he’s right, we’re in a world of shit.

Mark Wadsworth has more on the organisations behind the protest and their financial backers.

The Times is reporting that plods at the demonstrations this week will be carrying Tasers. Which we know are classed under the law as a firearm, but one that the police are much more likely to use.


Guido points to the News of the Screws latest on Nigel Griffiths, who’s been videoing himself shagging his secretary, in his Commons office. Gordon Brown was best man at Griffiths’ wedding. Griffiths at first denied the whole thing and applied for an injunction. The injunction was denied, in the public interest. Of course, the expenses and entitlements aspect is the one with the more hope of doing political damage these days, sadly.

Remember that his Remembrance Day Frolic took place in his office paid for by the taxpayers, then went on to presumably his flat, also paid for by the taxpayers.  Far from it being a drunken and forgotten frolic it turns out that he took the deliberate trouble to ensure he would not forget, by uploading the pictures to his laptop – a laptop computer also paid for by the taxpayers out of his parliamentary expenses.  Presumably this would be so he would be able to reminisce over the 27 photos and later he too could enjoy a state subsidised w**k over the memory.

It’s a shame that the wider moral implications have no bearing. Griffiths was cleared of misconduct last week by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon.


The splendid India Knight takes a dim view of wimmin who cry rape after a drunken shag.

Stories such as this have been driving me absolutely mad for years. For a start, they undermine genuine rape cases, which are still woefully underreported to the police and of which only a tiny minority come to trial. How a woman who wakes up next to some bloke she was too drunk to remember having sex with is able, in the cold light of day, to compare herself to the victim of a genuine sexual assault is beyond me. It’s repellent – the most grotesque embracing of faux-victimhood. It reminds me of celebrities who blame something that elicits sympathy, such as “exhaustion” or “depression”, for their stay in rehab rather than the fact that they’ve been up all night smoking crack.

Waking up and thinking, “Cor, don’t fancy mine much,” is called a mistake. It is embarrassing, cringe-making, humiliating – but feeling a bit surprised, or ashamed of yourself, or sickened at your lack of taste, or whatever normal human emotions you feel when faced with the snoring non-stud, does not make you a “victim” of “abuse”. Women who think that it does need their heads examined.



Obo pretty much covers my views on the Eric Pickles Question Time Lynching this week.

"On BBC’s Question Time last night, Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles became visibly agitated after being questioned on his use of his second home allowance for his constituency in Brentwood & Ongar.

During the debate he said that it was "no fun" doing the commute and that he would leave at 530am in order to make sure to be at the House of Commons by 930am.

Trains run from Liverpool Street Station every ten minutes to Brentwood. The train journey time is forty minutes.

Eric. You are one of those people who believes that he knows better than us, exempts himself from the laws and rules which he inflicts on us, troughs at our expense and then has the gall to stand up and tell us all how hard his life is.

FUCK YOU, ERIC PICKLES: ordinary people get up at 5AM every fucking day to go to work, and leave late every day. They have to do it out of their own pockets, after paying the taxes that pay your fucking salary and the taxes from which you exempt yourselves.

I don’t think like Iain Martin that you should be under house arrest. I think you should be swinging from a fucking lamp post, you thieving, arrogant, mendacious cunt.

Can’t really argue with that.


More greedy public sector bastards in the NHS (see previous post).

Top managers in the health service have seen their pay rise by more than three times the average for the rest of the public sector, figures reveal today.

Directors of NHS trusts England received average pay increases of 6.4 per cent last year, far exceeding the Government’s 2.2 per cent pay rise for nurses and midwives, and its 2 per cent target for other public servants.

Since 1997 the average earnings of NHS chief executives have increased by 98 per cent compared to 50 per cent across the public sector as a whole.

And what wonderful effects these wise increases have yielded.


Via Mummylonglegs, The Dunfermline Building Society is about to be forced into a merger.

Some of the factors seem to be:

  • Decision to get into sub-prime & >100% LTV mortgages.
  • Decision to get into corporate finance.
  • A disastrous IT strategy.

And just as I pointed out, regarding the RBS bonus recipients being in or around Ally Darling’s constituency, the DBS is in  Gordon Brown’s constituency and home town.

It remains to be seen precisely how much this one will cost us, but with a loss of £25m, it’s not the same order of magnitude as RBS & HBOS.

Still, it’s another bunch of porridge munching, pale blue pricks being bailed out by the English taxpayer. And I’m not sure why, considering that:

The Dunfermline board was confident that it had secured £30m from the Building Societies Association, and £25m from the Scottish government to help keep it afloat. Those pledges left it just £5m short of the £60m the board believed it needed to continue, and directors were hopeful the Treasury would step in to complete the package.

So, there was every opportunity for this responsibility to remain in Scotland. But no.


That’s all for now….


Labour: Party of the NHS

Spotted this in the Tellygraff:

Time for the NHS to go back to basics

Paul Steane went into hospital to be cared for but, after a catalogue of medical blunders, took his own life.

Paul Steane did commit suicide. He didn’t do it because he wanted to die. He did it, terrifyingly, because he was afraid to live.

That was how the NHS had left him,” she says wearily. ”Terrified of life. He didn’t kill himself because he was depressed at his condition, but because he was frightened of what else they could do to him if he had to go back to hospital.

His legs had been amputated. He was blind. His vocal cords were so damaged that he could no longer speak. His breathing was laboured and painful. And his hands were so painful that he was petrified he would choke to death if the tube in his throat became blocked and he couldn’t pull it out.

"But most of all he was utterly terrified he would have to go back into hospital. That he would end up lying in a bed, unattended. Dying alone. The one thing Paul had left that was in his own control was ending his life.
He left me a suicide note in which he wrote:
‘I hope you understand why I had to do this, but life has been hell for me since they did this to me.’ ”

So what happened to bring a man to this awful point?

The true tragedy of Paul Steane’s suicide at 45, however, isn’t that he could no longer endure the agony of his disabilities – but the fact that it was the health service on which he had to rely that had caused those very injuries in the first place. As a result of poor nursing care, a hitherto healthy man became one of the 59,000 people in this country who are permanently disabled or die each year because of poor hygiene or care in our hospitals. And in Paul’s case, all because he was denied the most basic of human needs: a drink of water.

Paul’s life, as a happily married husband and father of two sons, was blighted for ever after a spell in hospital for what should have been routine tests. On three occasions, none of the nurses on his ward bothered to check his fluid intake. No one noticed that he wasn’t drinking any water and, ultimately, he became so dehydrated that he suffered renal failure. After a litany of repeated mistakes and neglect by inexperienced doctors and over-burdened nurses, he returned home a helpless invalid.

With a close member of my own family about to go into an NHS hospital, it puts the fear of God into me, I can tell you.

Whatever any of these Labour imbeciles say, could the Tories have done any worse, with the most scythe-happy administration? I don’t believe for one moment that this Government is anything but a worst case scenario for the UK. I hope I’m right and we can look back on this last 12 years as a salutary lesson.


UPDATE: Paul’s widow has posted a comment linking to the website of the book she has written about Paul’s experience. I hope it makes a difference.

I send Amanda and her family my very best wishes.

The case for a free market in consumer terrorism…

I was reminded of this when I received a cold call a few minutes ago and told the imbecile on the other end to fuck right off.

The Nameless Libertarian is irritated by some information campaign being run by Notwork Fail, aimed at preventing the travelling public from swearing at their otherwise cloth eared employees.

For those of you lucky enough not to be in the know about this one, I’m talking about a Network Rail poster campaign. There’s an example up by one of the entrances in Victoria station. It depicts a young man having a mug shot taken – presumably he has just been arrested. His placard says “Say Cheesed Off”. The inference is that he was arrested for swearing at some Network Rail drone.

See, there is a big difference between punching someone, calling someone a fucking cunt and pointing out that a situation is fucking ridiculous and you are pissed off about it. The latter comment is true; you are threatening no-one, you are insulting no-one. Yes, you it is arguably better to phrase your words more carefully and you probably don’t *need* to swear. But anyone who commutes in London will know just how frustrating it is to have to force yourself into some rancid fuck’s armpit on a delayed train because the fucking rail system still can’t sort itself out. Sometimes – the recent collapse of the London transport system because of a couple of flakes of snow, for example – the situation is fucking ridiculous, and you are well within your rights to say that you are pissed off.

He (I assume He) concludes:

Working in a customer service position is always difficult. You are exposed to the public, and they can sometimes be frustrated, irrational, angry and insulting. But guess what? It is part of your job to deal with that. I know, I’ve been in the situation and dealt with it. I worked in retail for years. So if you are a customer service bod, and you encounter someone who tells you they are fucked off, swallow your negative response and listen to them. Once you have heard their problem, try to help them. That is your job.

Quite right. Now – the free market part. The corollary to the ‘invisible hand’ is to give them the ‘invisible finger’.

As the nameless one says, frank and open feedback from customers is an essential part of the cycle of quality assurance. There are a number of aspects to the feedback mechanism. One of these is staff happiness and satisfaction. If staff are getting frequently harassed, it’s probably because the customer experience is poor, frustrating, overpriced and/or not as advertised.

In such circumstances, the staff will become dissatisfied, disillusioned, become difficult to manage and make daft pay demands or get the union involved. Recruitment will become more difficult and costly.

In these circumstances, then,  management can either (i) improve the customer experience in order to improve the way their staff are treated, or (ii) pay their staff a compensation package that offsets the poor working environment. The latter is unlikely to succeed as a strategy – particularly in unionised environments.

Of course, there is the third way, which is the one chosen by Notwork Fail. Prosecute people.

Well I say we should continue to let the ‘invisible finger’ have its influence on the marketplace.


EU mandate: Kettles to boil at 62°C

The EU have been uncharacteristically quick to act, following recent reports from Tehran University that drinking hot tea (above 65°C) causes oesophageal cancer.

EC Directive E17445 will mandate that no kettle shall carry the CE quality mark (mandatory for electrical goods sold in the EU), unless and until the boiling point, at which the kettle switches off is changed to 62°C.

Critics quickly pointed out that the boiling point of water is in the 98-102°C range, so the liquid will never boil. The EU office of scientific discharges said, “this is a concern we share, but a resolution is in hand. Chloroform boils at 62°C, so why not try a relaxing cup of chloroform and camomile tea?”

The UK Department of the Environment was quick to identify the carbon reduction that would be instantly achieved by this move, and sponsored the bill through the EU parliament.

Today Ed BonzoDogDooDahBand confirmed that in light of the environmental benefits, he would be introducing legislation to make the use of a kettle that boils above 62°C an imprisonable offence. Jack Straw subsequently mooted the possibility of making such legislation retroactive – perhaps to January 2007.

The Houses of Parliament, however, will be exempt as a Royal Palace. The use of existing kettles will continue until 2015 at the earliest.


Another turd that will float across the pond…

A couple of months back, Melanie Reid, wrote in the Times on the possibility of introducing ‘compulsory voluntary work’. As you’d expect, she was excoriated in the article’s comments section and across the blogowossit.

Well guess what – this is another one that Fuzz Bazz is running with, and it’s passed through the Senate.


Any Republican who voted for this slave legislation should have his ass kicked out of the party.

It’s the same two traitors who wanted the bailout bankruptcy of America:


Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME]

Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME]

Sen. Michael Enzi [R, WY] Abstain

The “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” (GIVE act). HR 1388 has just passed the  Senate.

In the bill, Obama sets up the mechanics that he passed in the Stimulus Package for his volunteer operations — including setting up a government funded corporation with a Board of Directors and CEO. What is frightening is the tentacles that this will entail as all agencies need to create positions for these volunteers. Yada … yada .. I could go on as how he has tied his FEMA Scheme for the Civilian Security Defense Force into this legislation, but now they’re called “National Volunteer Reserve Corps.” This creates images of the Peace Corps, but it is something far more sinister. In addition, the legislation is targeting foster kids, disadvantaged teens and more specifically BLACK colleges and universities. Reading the provisions, it smacks of a program tailor-made for ACORN. It is a bill that has reverse discrimination all over it as it is NOT designed for middle-class Americans to benefit from — regardless of your race. But this is NOT what has piffed me off.

In the bill, Obama sets up the mechanics that he passed in the Stimulus Package for his volunteer operations — including setting up a government funded corporation with a Board of Directors and CEO. What is frightening is the tentacles that this will entail as all agencies need to create positions for these volunteers. Yada … yada .. I could go on as how he has tied his FEMA Scheme for the Civilian Security Defense Force into this legislation, but now they’re called “National Volunteer Reserve Corps.” This creates images of the Peace Corps, but it is something far more sinister. In addition, the legislation is targeting foster kids, disadvantaged teens and more specifically BLACK colleges and universities. Reading the provisions, it smacks of a program tailor-made for ACORN. It is a bill that has reverse discrimination all over it as it is NOT designed for middle-class Americans to benefit from — regardless of your race. But this is NOT what has piffed me off.

The GIVE Act has 12 amendments. The one I am outraged over is House Amendment 49. It reads: “H.Amdt49 Pass Amendment to prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing.”

If I read that right, your First Amendment rights of Free Speech just were legislated out the door. ( Kalani in the Atlas comments section here)

I blogged on it when it passed the house here: House Passes Mandatory Service Bill



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