We’ll be seeing a lot of this over the next few years…

The lefties in the pubic sector have been lording it up for the last 10 years or so….. but they’re not happy now.. redundancies, pay freezes, pensions under threat… sniff.

Teachers demand 10% pay increase

Now while you’re reading this, don’t forget about the collective bargaining arrangement teachers have, which means that the ineffectual, spineless, stupid, out of their depth, malevolent and misinformed teachers get paid the same as that small band of real heroes – the teachers (we all had one or two) who really made an impression and made us what we are today.

The biggest teachers’ union in England and Wales is calling for a 10% pay rise – and says the economic downturn should not be an “excuse” for low pay rises.

Okay. Well, how about… no?

The National Union of Teachers has submitted its demand to the profession’s pay review body.

A government spokesman says the current recommended 2.3% offer represents a “good deal” for teaching staff.

I’d say it represents a very good deal for the above mentioned useless teachers, and a very poor deal for the minority of great teachers.

By all means click through and read the rest if you’re suffering from low blood pressure.

Coppers are being laid off too. The battlefront could be truly multicultural this summer.


Via Vindico.


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