Public sector uselessness/Thinkofthechildren convergence strikes once again…

IN a case of wildly exceeded authority, and rampant, paranoid Thinkofthechildrenism, we learn Via Old Holborn, that in spite of the GP and the health worker who professed this woman’s capability of motherhood, hospital staff effectively imprisoned a woman and her child in hospital, under threat of arrest, when the woman took her child in for treatment after a minor accident.

Mother ‘held like a prisoner for three days’ as hospital staff threatened to call police over baby’s radiator burn

Hospital staff suspected Mandy Stopler of abusing daughter Madison, after the 10-month-old suffered an inch-long burn on her bottom.

The 26-year-old was told that the police would be called if she tried to leave the hospital with her daughter. Madison endured 18 X-rays and two distressing brain scans in order to ensure that she had not come to harm at the hands of her mother.

Both social services and Madison’s health visitor had provided the hospital with a glowing reference for the mother, however Miss Stopler and her daughter were only allowed to leave the hospital after doctors were satisfied with the results of the tests.

Three days? Just who do these self-important public-sector dickheads think they are? I’d like to see them get away with this in the face of a middle-class professional family.



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