The source of all of this….

My 13 years as an inmate of the uniquely lentillious British education establishment taught me one thing. From a very early age, I could spot a walking waste of giblets at 50 paces. And it was called ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’. I suppose these days, they’re known as ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Belinda’, or such like.

Consequently, I learned at around the same time that a good rule of thumb would be to do precisely the opposite to that advised by these leather-elbowed plonkers. These days, as is the way with much normal childhood behaviour, my preferred approach was medicalised in the form of something called ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’. (c.f. ‘The need to sit down and fucking shut-up = ADHD; Teachers are useless, so children are illiterate = Dyslexia).

It must therefore alarm ‘them’, that O.D.D. has been a pretty successful life-strategy for me. Review the pronouncements of the Righteous (© Legiron), then do the exact opposite.


2 thoughts on “The source of all of this….

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  2. ahh the mini-quiz I did didn’t test for that, although it sounds like something I might get labelled with now if I was tested. I’ve changed a lot since school though, I just kept my head downand didn’t get caught for anything!

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