Clarkson once more speaks for the nation…

When he described Gordon Brown as a one-eyed Scottish idiot during a press conference in Australia. The story is so much hot air, with the obligatory outrage of some righteous talking head from a charidee.

Charity says Jeremy Clarkson offensive after Gordon Brown ‘one-eyed’ jibe

Britain’s leading charity for the blind reacted angrily today after the Jeremy Clarkson branded Gordon Brown a “one-eyed Scottish idiot” during a promotional event in Australia.

And blah, blah, blah.

Lesley-Anne Alexander, chief executive of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), said: “Mr Clarkson’s description of Prime Minister Brown is offensive. Any suggestion that equates disability with incompetence is totally unacceptable. We would be happy to help Mr Clarkson understand the positive contribution people with sight loss make to society.”

You’re paid to say that, though, aren’t you. Professionally aggrieved bint.

The interesting comments come from the outraged Scotch Labour numpties…

“Such a comment is really a reflection on Jeremy Clarkson and speaks for itself,” said Iain Gray, the Scottish Labour leader.

“Most people here are proud that the Prime Minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis.”

ROFL… on what planet?

Gordon Banks, Labour MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, branded the comments “unforgivable”.

Well, I’ve forgiven him. So screw you, Gordon Banks you miserable wanker. Incidentally, I wonder if Gordon is a Christian – most Scotch are. Which leads me to ponder the ever growing group of Christians who seem to have reconstituted the religion without its bedrock value of forgiveness.

Downing Street declined to comment.

I’m not surprised either. LOL. Talk about a lose-lose.

While some comments from readers pretty much echo mine above, the remainder are also quite revealing of the British mindset, where so many of these grievance mongers, ban pedlars and freedom haters seem to lurk.

I am not a Brown supporter politically but Clarkson’s comment was appalling. The Beeb has got to act so as not to be seen holding double standards – which it often does anyway. Clarkson must be at least suspended or sacked if he does not apologise within 5 days.

Andrew Graham, London,

This guy shows what’s wrong – ‘these’ people were subject to ‘these’ ludicrous standards, so Clarkson should face the same fate. The correct statement is: We should not perpetuate and escalate ludicrous recriminations, just so that some fuzzy notion of equality can be pursued into an asymptotic cul-de-sac.

My friends little girl had her eye out at 7yrs because of cancer. I hope she doesn’t hear this story on the news. Theres nothing funny in Clarkson’s remark.

M A Parr, St.Helens, England

Oh noes! The poor ickle kiddie. Because she’s never, in her life, likely to hear a remark about her ocular shortcoming unless she’s exposed to a Clarkson outburst. Stupid twat. Sadly, M A Parr isn’t finished just yet:

Overpaid, in poor taste and too big for his boots. Give him and Ross their marching orders. TV companies will save money and the public wont miss them.

M A Parr, St.Helens, England

Seem here’s the thing. Ross and Brand bullied and attempted to humiliate an old man for humour. What they were not doing, was echoing what everyone on the internet – and for that matter, the pub – was saying. Clarkson, on the other hand, made a statement that has been echoing around blogs, forums, bar rooms and offices for months if not years – that Gordon Brown is a one-eyed Scottish idiot.

Just one last Outraged of Tunbridge Wells for now:

If it is not now ok to call a person a “golliwog” because it might be considered an insult, even though most of us grew up with them on our breakfast table. It is certainly not ok to insult the Prime Minister with a racial and disability remark.
Sack Clarkson now!

Ernie Goody, Haverhill, UK

I think your incontinence knickers need changing, granddad.

And an obligatory incandescent porridge wog:

Clarkson should be sacked for his anti-Scotish racism, but he won’t be as no-one else in the English media making anti-Scottish racist comments have been sacked either. England is becoming a sinister place,like Germany in the 30s.

H Scott, Edinburgh,

Godwin’s Law??? Aye right… I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. Let the Scotch have their depleted oil fields – just declare independence and get the hell away from us. Ginger bastards.

Meanwhile, the glorious Daily Mash run with:

JEREMY Clarkson was factually correct, it was claimed last night.

As the Top Gear presenter faced a storm of protest after describing prime minister Gordon Brown as ‘a one-eyed Scottish idiot’, experts stressed the constituent parts of the statement could all be verified.

Finally, a reminder to all these whining tossers that firstly, the BBC don’t employ Clarkson, so they can’t sack him. Secondly, Top Gear is one of the BBC’s biggest money spinners, with the syndication and licensing they flog worldwide. Even the BBC aren’t stupid enough to kill that golden goose.


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  1. You’re a moron whose spelling and grammar is shite,maybe you’d have done better with a Scottish education! LOL! You really are an imbecile!

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