Global ROFLing

I thought the Tellygraph was supposed to be a right-wing paper. Why is it (with the exception of Booker) as blinded by this global warming bollocks as every other thicko, pansy-assed bunch? This is quite remarkable:

Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists

Britain may be in the grip of the coldest winter for 30 years and grappling with up to a foot of snow in some places but the extreme weather is entirely consistent with global warming, claim scientists.

Do what?

Temperatures for December and January were consistently 1.8 F ( 1 C) lower than the average of 41 F (5 C)and 37 F (3C) respectively and more snow fell in London this week than since the 1960s.

But despite this extreme weather, scientists say that the current cold snap does not mean that climate change is going into reverse. In fact, the surprise with which we have greeted the extreme conditions only reinforces how our climate has changed over the years.

A study by the Met Office which went back 350 years shows that such extreme weather now only occurs every 20 years.

Back in the pre-industrial days of Charles Dickens, it was a much more regular occurrence – hitting the country on average every five years or so.

During that time global temperatures has risen by 1.7 F (0.8 C), studies have shown.

0.8C in 350 years? Within the margin of error you say? Right ho. Must get my huskies shaved. I give you, though, my legend of the day for sheer mentalness:

“Even though this is quite a cold winter by recent standards it is still perfectly consistent with predictions for global warming,” said Dr Myles Allen, head of the Climate Dynamics group at Department of Physics, University of Oxford.

“As for snowfall that could actually increase in the short term because of global warming. We have all heard the expression ‘too cold to snow’ and we have always expected precipitation to increase.

Too cold for snow? That old trope? Piss off granddad. An here’s Captain Fucknuckle from the British Institute of Warmists to cheer us up:

Dave Britton, a meteorologist and climate scientist at the Met Office, said: “Even with global warming you cannot rule out we will have a cold winter every so often. It sometimes rains in the Sahara but it is still a desert.”

???? For fuck’s sake.

EU Referendum has the summation down pat.

So there you have it from the horse’s mouth (or backside). If it is hot, its global warming, if it’s wet, its global warming, and if it’s cold, it’s global warming. And if it snows, it’s definitely global warming.

On which note, I was once on the site of a large corporate customer of mine. In the atrium they were having an environmental awareness exhibition. I couldn’t help noticing the global warming stand, which carried the strap line: “Hotter, Drier, Wetter”

This, incidentally, is the reason why I think the real economy can proceed without the sort of superfluous mongs littering backoffices, where redundancies are inevitable at any large organisation, these hand-wringers should be the first out of the door, with zero risk to operational effectiveness.



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