Twat was the week that was….

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Well, it’s been quite a week in politics. I refer not to the intercontinental cluster-wank that was the Barrython. First up was Bodger and Badger’s de-whelming second bank recapitalisation on Monday. Next came Monosnot & Harridan’s reversal over a statutory instrument exempting MPs’ expenses from Freedom of Information requests. There has been intervening squirming from this moribund government. Peter Hain was upbraided by the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges committee for his dodgy funding.

Meanwhile over the fence, one Tory MP seems to have handed over correspondence, from a constituent, to the coppers, and all without any warrants. Stephen Pollard previously took the measure of this man, and he annoyed Melanie Phillips. Next up, Call me Dave is bolstering his communist credentials.

In today’s papers, though, the tin lid has been put on the whole week, if not month.

Alistair Darling: bear with us, we need more time to beat recession

Today’s 1.5 per cent fall in GDP follows a 0.6 per cent fall in the previous three months, meaning that the widely accepted definition of recession as two consecutive quarters of falling output has finally been met.

This puts Britain officially in recession for the first time since the early 1990s episode that is seared into the memory of millions of homebuyers, workers and business people.

Sterling slumped to a new 23-year low today, with the pound falling to $1.355, down more than 12 cents since the end of last week.

There was widespread pain in all sectors of the British economy except agriculture, which managed to eke out a 0.1 per cent expansion in the final three months of the year.

But manufacturing output plunged by 4.6 per cent, while the services sector, which accounts for nearly three quarters of the economy, shrank by 1.5 per cent.

The construction sector also contracted by 1.1 per cent, as housebuilders struggled amid a sharp downturn in homebuying.

Precisely how much more rope will you be needing from us, you Scotch twat?

Meanwhile, over at the Tellygraph:

UK Recession: Gordon Brown admits he failed to see economic crisis coming

The UK has slid officially into its worst recession for 29 years, as Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, admitted that he had failed to see the economic crisis coming.

Click through, if you can bear it. And here.

Guthrum reminds us, on Old Holborn’s blog, that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the winter of discontent.

Some fine commentary from Wat Tyler at Burning our Money.

Meanwhile, there are further erosions of liberty due to come into force next month.

Bring on the election, you bunch of evil, thieving, looting cunts.



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