If my enemy’s enemy is my friend….

Then I need to work out a third angle pretty quickly. I’m talking about the Heathrow expansion plans.

I happen to think that the plan to build a third runway is ludicrous. Not because of global warming or any such wank, but because they’ll be bulldozing existing villages and increasing traffic pressure in an area that is already ludicrous enough to warrant a special extension of the congestion charge. And then there’s the noise. Mainly though, it just doesn’t make sense to do all this to accommodate what are mostly transit passengers, who never leave the airport except on the next leg of their flights.

One problem is that the people who are against the 3rd runway are a motley crew of enviroloons, NIMBY’s and righteous celebs. Another problem is that the people who support the 3rd runway are utter cunts to a man – BAA, Gordon Brown, Geoff Hoon, Alistair Darling….

This is the cabinet list:


Ed Miliband
Hilary Benn
Harriet Harman
Baroness Royall
John Denham


Gordon Brown
Lord Mandelson
Alistair Darling
Geoff Hoon
Ed Balls

So I really do not know what to do. I did laugh at the exchange between Geoff Hoon and Emma Thompson, which is an object lesson is hypocrisy.

“She has been in some very good films,” the Transport Secretary said of the Oscar-wining actress, “but I worry about people who I assume travel by air quite a lot and don’t see the logic of their position.”

Being called a hypocrite by Geoff Hoon is, indeed, quite something. Happily, dear Emma has a cogent and logical riposte to Hoon’s insinuation.

Ms Thompson hit back: “Get a grip, Geoff. This is not a campaign about flying – we’re trying to stop the expansion of Heathrow in the face of climate change.”

LOL, what a mong. This is going to be one to watch – especially since the antis bought that plot of land where the runway will/would be.

I suppose I don’t care, really – climate change is bollocks, I don’t live near Heathrow and I never use it if I can possibly avoid it – something the Daily mash expressed pretty well here. It’ll be fun as a spectator sport over the next year or two.

More on this from Iain Martin.

The real concerns will come out of the changes to planning law – they’ll need these to crush obstacles to the 3rd runway and their proposed high-speed rail line – which will give our government the sort of unaccountable bulldozorous power the French State has when it comes to rolling out a Grand Projet.



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