e-Borders chaos and invasion of privacy to ensue….

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Here’s the deal. You travel out of the UK & by the time you reach security, they have to have answers to these questions (most provided by to the travel agent when you book):

The information, taken when a ticket is bought, will be shared among police, customs, immigration and the security services for at least 24 hours before a journey is due to take place.

Anybody about whom the authorities are dubious can be turned away when they arrive at the airport or station with their baggage.

Those with outstanding court fines, such as a speeding penalty, could also be barred from leaving the country, even if they pose no security risk.


Critics warned of mayhem at ports and airports when the system is introduced, beginning in earnest from mid-2009.

By 2014 every one of the predicted 305million passenger journeys in and out of the UK will be logged, with details stored about the passenger on every trip.

The scheme will apply to every way of leaving the country, whether by ferry, plane, or small aircraft. It would apply to a family having a day out in France by Eurotunnel, and even to a yachtsman leaving British waters during the day and returning to shore.

The measure applies equally to UK residents going abroad and foreigners travelling here.

The information will be stored for as long as the authorities believe it is useful, allowing them to build a complete picture of where a person has been over their lifetime, how they paid and the contact numbers of who they stayed with.

The Home Office, which yesterday signed a contract with U.S. company Raytheon Systems to run the computer system, said e-borders would help to keep terrorists and illegal immigrants out of the country.

Aye right. Terrorists and illegal immigrants with an outstanding speeding ticket? Wank.

The personal information stored about every journey could prove vital in detecting a planned atrocity, officials insist.

Ah – atrocities. Okay – I was wrong…… oh, wait.

The e-borders scheme is expected to cost at least £1.2billion over the next decade.

Travel companies, which will run up a bill of £20million a year compiling the information, will pass on the cost to customers via ticket prices, and the Government is considering introducing its own charge on travellers to recoup costs.

David Marshall of the Association of British Travel Agents said: “We are staggered at the projected costs.

How utterly selfish of the travel industry to be concerned about footing this paltry bill in order to fund the government’s programme of getting right up our arses track down terrorists, especially during a credit crunch.

“It could also act as a disincentive to people wanting to travel, and we are sure that is not what the Government intends.”

Too bleedin’ right. It’s the reason I’ve wound my air travel right down and would never go to the USA.

Phil Booth, of the NO2ID group, warned travellers would pay a “stealth tax” on travel to pay for the scheme.

He added: “This is a huge and utterly ridiculous quantity of personal information. This type of profiling will throw up many distressing errors and problems for innocent people.

“We have already seen planes turned around mid-flight because a passenger’s surname matches that of somebody on a watch list.

“When the Government talks about e-borders, it gives the impression it is about keeping bad people out. In fact, it is a huge grab of personal information, and another move towards the database state.”

A quid says this is driven by the EU and the dry run took the form of the datagrab that people have been subjected to before entering the US, ever since 11 Sep 2001.

Unspeakable bastards.



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