Thick fascist bovine watch…

Guido: Looks like Jacqui Smith’s Pseudonymous Penfriends have been at it again. Big up the Bovine massive.

A CLOSE pal of Jacqui Smith has been unmasked writing letters in support of her to newspapers — days after the Home Secretary’s husband was exposed for doing the same.

Patricia Lailey, using her maiden name Hill, told how the politician sympathised during a recent bereavement.

But Mrs Lailey didn’t mention she had been a Labour councillor for four years, and had worked with the MP on local issues.

She lives in Redditch, Worcs — the marginal seat Ms Smith is fighting to keep at the next election.

Mrs Lailey wrote in a national newspaper: “I recently lost my mum and Jacqui wrote a personal letter to me. She cares about us in Redditch.”

She insisted last night: “I didn’t mention I used to be a councillor because I did not think it was relevant.

“I used my maiden name because that is how I was known in my job and when working as a councillor.”

Ms Smith’s husband Richard Timney was last month revealed as the author of letters backing her and her policies.

But he didn’t mention they were married or that he was her £40,000-a-year Commons adviser.



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