Deluded Euro-numpties ride again

The Tellygraph claims there is anger at plans to build a Museum of European History in Belgium.

Plans to create a museum celebrating the “common historical memory” of the European Union have run into controversy over attempts to agree an account of key events including Second World War.

Errr no shit – the Krauts had a good go at kicking fuck out of the rest of Europe twice last century, hilarity is bound to be ongoing.

But moves to define a “common European history” have been dogged by controversy and deep political differences over events including the Second World War and the role of the United States in Europe.

Adam Bielan, a Polish MEP and vice-chairman of the Parliament, has raised concerns about “serious omissions and misinterpretations” in a 28-page document setting out the museum’s topics.

In a letter co-signed by 12 other MEPs, Mr Bielan has criticised language that implies “the outbreak of World War Two was Hitler’s success”.

He has also objected to wording that states “the last Polish resistance was snuffed out in 1939”.

“This is not true. Polish soldiers fought in France in 1940, in the Battle of Britain, the Middle East, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as alongside the Soviet Army on the eastern front,” he wrote.

“The Polish underground resistance continued from 1939 to 1945, its major operation being the Warsaw uprising of 1944. The overall number of Polish troops mobilised during World War Two was comparable to that of France.”

The thing that takes the shine off this is that we’re all paying for this shovel of shit that will inevitably please no EU nation and offend many many people. It’s like the BBC, in French, with Russel Brand.




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