Historically Useless Public Sector Imbeciles

I reported incest of ‘British Fritzl’ a decade ago, says son

The son of the man referred to as the ‘British Fritzl,’ who fathered nine children by raping his two daughters, disclosed today that he had reported the matter to police and social services more than a decade ago but no action was taken.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said that he had lived in terror because of the abuse he, his mother and his sisters faced when he was a child in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, claiming he still has 49 scars on his head from the beatings he suffered.

The father, 56, was last month sentenced to a life term for a total of 25 rapes and will serve 19 and a half years. Sheffield Crown Court heard that his rapes had caused his daughters to get pregnant a total of 19 times.

He held his daughters virtual prisoners for 25 years, the court was told, moving them around houses in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to avoid detection.

In the meantime, bringing us up to date…

A nose bleed, then children were in care

They put the Christmas decorations up a couple of days ago but no one in the Smith family feels much like celebrating. Despite the tinsel over their sons’ photographs, there are no excited children racing around the flat. Instead, Patrick, 6, and Donald, 2 – not their real names – will spend the holiday in foster care.

It started two years ago with a nosebleed. Robert Smith wiped his stepson Patrick’s nose and took him to school. A teacher spotted some dried blood, and asked Patrick what had happened. “Robert,” he said, and made a wiping motion. She went to social services, who called the police. That afternoon Mr Smith was arrested for assault and had to move out of the flat.

“We thought, it will all get sorted and go away. We knew we’d done nothing wrong,” he said. A criminal court threw out the charges after the prosecution admitted that it had no evidence. But social services would not let Mr Smith move back home. Stacks of legal paper under the Christmas tree chronicle the Smiths’ struggle in the family courts, where the case is still being heard.

Ambush Predator points to the obvious comparison here… these parents are clearly

Worse than being a slovenly, deceitful, cruel hag with a paedophile for a boyfriend. Worse even than being known drug addicts with a history of manslaughter.

Just amazing. Why do they choose the door marked ‘WRONG’ every bleedin’ time?



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