Plod Update

Via Ambush Predator, some utterly unsurprising news.

Police force has 25 officers with criminal records

The highest ranking officer is a Detective Constable with a robbery conviction, while two other DCs have convictions for careless driving and possession of cannabis.

And a total of 15 Essex Police officers have been taken on even though that had criminal records before joining the force, a freedom of information request has disclosed.

Essex Police spokesman Nishan Wijeratne said: “While the majority of officers either resign or lose their job as a result of a hearing, in a small number of cases they remain in the service.

“This is generally for motoring related offences or where extenuating circumstances mean they are considered to be suitable to continue as a police officers.

Tell me, Nishan, what are the extenuating circumstances that mean a detective constable can serve when he (I presume he) has a robbery conviction.

And I suppose there are some people who still don’t understand why we distrust and resent these bully-boy numbskulls.

Again, I wonder what the facts are around the egregious plastic-plods, who are bound to be of a lower quality than the actual coppers.



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