The Truth Hurts

Teacher who told pupils ‘Santa doesn’t exist’ is axed

A teacher who told pupils that Father Christmas does not exist has been prevented from returning to the school.

The class of seven-year-olds were learning about Christmas at Blackshaw Lane Primary School in Oldham, when their female supply teacher told them that Santa Claus did not deliver their presents at Christmas.

The teacher – who was only drafted in for a day last week – left pupils confused and upset after she told them it was their parents who put presents in their stockings on Christmas Eve, not St Nic.

The school was pummelled with complaints after the children returned home to tell their parents what they had learnt in class that day.

One father said: “Apparently this teacher just came out with it in class. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter told me. Why would you say such a thing? She was really upset.

“She’d been thinking about it on the way home and she couldn’t understand.”

He added: “It should be down to parents, not teachers, to deal with this sort of thing. And seven or eight is no age to be told that.”

Angela McCormick, headmistress at the school, contacted the agency who supplied the teacher and told them not to send her again.

Another parent said that he had spent hours convincing his daughter that the teacher was wrong. He said: “I’ve told her she must have been confused.

“I wasn’t happy and a lot of the mums were upset. All kids at that age are excited at this time of year, so for someone to come out and say something like that puts a dampener on it all.

In other news, Professor Gerhard Blund of the German Orthodontic society was arrested last night at Heathrow Airport, amid claims that he had published a paper in 2003, which is said to disprove the existence of tooth fairies. Prof. Blund is expected to face the Parish court of Tunbridge Wells, where Tooth Fairy Denial has been a capital offence since the Flouride Holocaust of 1897.



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