You’re homeless? That’s because I’m unlivable with…

India Knight on the ‘Living Apart Together’ report compiled by the homeless charity Shelter…

A report by Shelter last week said that middle-aged couples who choose to live apart contribute to the housing shortage. “Living apart together” – where the couple are a couple but each has a separate home – is, the report suggests, increasingly common among middle-aged, middle-class couples who can afford to run two houses; 1.1m women have chosen this option.

Having been one of them, I can’t say I blame them. Living apart together seems to me the only way to conduct a relationship sensibly, although I appreciate that, unfortunately, it isn’t an option that is financially available to enough people. It ought to be encouraged for the simple reason that the things that sour marriages, or unions of any kind, are often to do with the drudgery of everyday life – with the accumulation of pathetic tiny resentments that seem ludicrous individually but snowball into serious obstacles, such as the fact that you know you shouldn’t be driven to distraction by the loo seat being up (and having been up every day for the past 10 years) but you can’t help yourself: rage strikes. Rage leads to bad mood, bad mood leads to row, row leads to discussion of mother-in-law etc etc.

If you live apart, every encounter is a date. What’s bad for the housing shortage is the only way forward for marriages.

In other words, sod off you Big Issue flogging parasites. Blame 50 years of mismanagement of the national homebuilding strategy by NIMBYs and planners. Blame 40 years of educational failure by statist lefties who even Thatcher and Keith Joseph couldn’t displace. Blame 3rd world mental health services. Blame Rod Hull and Emu for all I care.

21% of Shelter’s £47M in funding come from Government grants – MY MONEY.

Give it back, scroungers.


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