Non-specific all pervading anger…

Maybe it’s because I drank far too much last night and have a 5 o’clock shadow. On my tongue.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken my medication today, and the nurse put my straitjacket on too tightly.

Maybe it’s because this country is full of the most odious and stupid people it is possible to herd together.

Maybe it’s because this country is being run by a bunch of communist porridge monkeys. Because the odious and stupid voted for these authoritarian, egregious, hypocritical ringpieces.

Maybe it’s because I’m sick to bleeding death of the state coercing me, marginalising me, extorting money from me, and then failing to provide any semblance of a service back to me.

Maybe it’s because the only apparent alternative is to vote for a public school pillock who’s as right-on as any of these Labour dicks, with his wind turbine and his cycle helmet.

Maybe it’s because my main hope for getting back onto the property ladder has been wiped out by the current financial fuckduggery that Gordon Brown has brought upon us. By some oddity, I now appear to own twice as much of Royal bank of Scotland as I did 3 months ago (even though the government is holding the asset for me), but it’s also worth square-root of fuck all.

Maybe it’s because I promised myself I would avoid using the word ‘cunt’ on this blog, yet I’ve never felt it more apposite.

Oh I can’t be bothered. I’m going to work on my list.



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