BNP Membership List

Lots of discussion about this over the last few days. Most of it, as you’d expect, has been ill-informed, judgemental, spiteful and illogical.

I hold no brief for the BNP. I have never voted for them. In fact I don’t remember ever seeing them on a ballot I voted in. My limited knowledge of them does not lead me to believe that they are a particularly savoury bunch.

However, 10,000 people’s names, addresses and phone numbers are on a list that is floating around the Internet accompanied by various incitements to do harm to these people. Moreover, the list seems to exist in several different incarnations, with names added or removed by third parties, presumably with a grudge against those they have added to the list and who expect ‘misfortune’ to befall anyone on the list.

The situation we have now, then, is that people who are not and have never been BNP members stand to suffer 9 kinds of misery, because someone put them on a list.

The fundamental problem I have is with the premise that the BNP are a bad thing that should be done away with. On the contrary, try to regard them as a necessary evil.

For a long time I have believed that multiculturalism is a muddle-headed policy that leads to ghettoisation, politicisation of race, polarisation of the population, resentment and ultimately violence. There’s a map on the ‘net that shows how many BNP members there are in each parliamentary constituency. It is no coincidence that areas of strong support are the areas that have suffered the most in the name of multiculturalism.

In 2003, I wrote the following:

When those who voted BNP last month in Oldham were interviewed, they were mostly traditional Labour supporters who’d turned ashamedly and grudgingly to the BNP. Even those who vote for them don’t do so to give the BNP power – they do it to register a protest against the established parties.

As for divide and rule, well I could make a case that this is the exact tactic of the liberal elite and, by extension, this government.

Everyone has to be part of some subdivided social group. Everyone’s a minority of some descrption on the basis of their colour/race, religion, sexuality, gender, disability.. we’re all subdivided down and across by these and such devices as socioeconomic grouping. Then they relish the opportunity to polarise the motorists and non-motorists like the former are some kind of prolific child killing devil spawn..

By accentuating and manipulating factions within society, New Labour have divided us and thusly ruled us with alarming effectiveness.

One last thing – that dangerous liberal tool, positive discrimination, is one of the big things that makes (white British) people vote for the BNP. That’s a fine example of divide & rule.

One can work and live alongside people of all creeds, origins and religions without a care, but as soon as one gets preferential treatment (positive discrimination) on the basis of his/her race/sexuality/gender/disability, a relatively cohesive society can be dangerously polarised at a stroke and innate human groupishness (call it bigotry if you like, Grauniadistas) comes to the surface.

The BNP don’t have to do anything other than capitalise on the neglect of a large portion the populous by the main parties. None of said main parties have the balls to sort immigration problems and they all want to take us into the Euro FFS. That’s a lot of potentially disenfranchised voters for opportunistic parties like the BNP to soak up. It’s up to the main parties not to avail the fringe and extremist parties of these opportunities.

You see, I think of the BNP as a barometer of racial tension in the UK. As such, they do perform a useful function, which is to remind the major parties that the vast majority of the UK are white Anglo-Saxons and while we are extraordinarily relaxed about sharing our little island with fuzzy-wuzzies and the like, we don’t like having our noses rubbed in it by troughing politicians and the righteous.

Speaking of which… here comes Hazel Blears.

Ms Blears described the BNP as a “very divisive force”, and warned that politicians couldn’t afford to leave a vacuum for the BNP to fill.

Oh piss off you ludicrous harridan. YOU. You are the divisive force, you lily-livered vote-chasing pillock.

In any case, I can’t speak for anyone else, but if a Labour Party membership list ever fell into my hands, I’d need a ditch the size of Lincolnshire to bury the stinking bodies.



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