All your giblet WILL belong to Gordon…

Around the time that Gordon Brown became Prime Mentler, he had an epiphany. He could OWN our organs, unless we each specifically tell him NO! His favourite pastime back then was launching task forces and reports. Once such was from the Organ Donation Taskforce. Gordon’s thinking was thus: People die because they don’t get an organ donation, therefore we need to have more organ donation.

The reality, it seems, is thus: People die because, in-spite of there being 13 million registered organ donors in the UK, hardly any of the available organs are made use of, due to resourcing constraints in hospital trusts.

In the article linked just above is the following:

Last night a senior Whitehall source told The Times: “It’s fair to say this report is not helpful to the case for a change in the law to presumed consent.”

Is it just my interpretation, or is it that they’ve decided what they are going to do and then make up the supporting evidence to back their argument? The considered scientific evidence contradicting them is unhelpful? Actually, you paper-pushing dipshit, I find it Very Helpful Indeed.

So, it’s no surprise to hear Brown on the radio telling us that he’ll probably go ahead anyways. Errr… what??

Gordon Brown has refused to rule out a change in the law that may see everyone considered as a potential organ donor, despite the recommendations of his advisers today.

The opt-out system of organ donation should not be introduced as it could undermine patients’ confidence in medical care, the UK Organ Donation Taskforce said.

The system of “presumed consent”, as used in Spain and other countries, was unlikely to boost donation rates, as The Times revealed on Friday.

Minnette Marrin characterised the whole situation well in the Sunday Times yesterday.

The thinking behind this is pure socialism. You and all your assets belong to the state to tax, teach, reeducate, redistribute and, generally speaking, harvest as it sees fit. It is an attitude that was tested to destruction in the bitter miseries of the 20th century but, like Dracula, it is mysteriously undead.

For now, compassionate Gordon only wants our kidneys or our livers when we are dead. How about other parts, like organs of generation? Last week a baby was born as a result of an ovarian transplant, given by a woman to her twin sister. With assumed consent, working ovaries could be harvested from dead young women, which would mean that not just our own bodies, but those of our children and grandchildren, could be owned and disposed of by the state.

How long would it be, on the principle that our bodies belong to the state, before the idea of consent would wither away? How long, for example, before the man in Whitehall claims entitlement to bits that we can afford to lose while still living? How about compulsory blood donation from people with highly unusual blood groups? Or bone marrow from the tiny number that has the right type for a particular patient? Or a few eggs for the infertile? How about minuscule bits of our DNA, from those few of us who are resistant to plagues?

The Scottish bastard himself said this afternoon:

“While they are not recommending the introduction of a presumed consent system, as I have done, I am not ruling out a further change in the law. We will revisit this when we find out how successful the next stage of the campaign has been.

“The proposal is that we double the number of volunteers to 50 per cent. If we can’t get there quickly, then we will return to the proposal I have put forward, which is a presumed consent system.”

Just. F**k. Off. And. Die. Gordon.



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