BBC can’t win the argument so it doesn’t engage

Have that you commie gimps.

The BBC is failing to prosecute viewers who refuse to pay the television licence on principle amid claims that the corporation fears creating a wave of “martyrs”.

The band of licence-fee refuseniks include Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Russian dissident, Noel Edmonds, the television presenter, and Euro-sceptics who believe the BBC is politically biased.

Charles Moore, a columnist for The Spectator magazine, has said he will not renew his TV licence if the corporation continues to employ Jonathan Ross, the disgraced chat show host who is paid £6m a year.

The BBC’s approach to such viewers contrasts with the “bully-boy” tactics it employs to force others to pay the £139.50 annual levy. Some people have received more than 80 warning letters, threatening prosecution and a maximum £1,000 fine, even though they have paid or do not own a television.

Another viewer who has been watching television without a licence since 2002 is John Kelly, 70, of Exmouth, Devon.

Kelly, a member of the UK Independence party, tore up his TV licence in protest against what he perceived as the BBC’s pro-EU bias.

“I want them to summons me [to court]; I want them to prosecute me,” said Kelly. “By failing to pursue me, the BBC is implicitly accepting my case and others may be encouraged to pursue the same course.”

That line will do for me. Excepting the fact that I don’t actually own an idiots lantern.


One thought on “BBC can’t win the argument so it doesn’t engage

  1. More people should throw the TV on the scrapheap and not pay the tax and use the web etc to replace bbc bias. Yes you get harassed but if you do not have a TV they are placing themselves into legal risk of conducting systemic harassment.

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