All your giblet are belong to us….

Not much stuns me anymore, but the way a jumped-up twatty shitbag bureaucrat has treated a dying girl and her family has left me quite breathless:

A terminally-ill teenager has won the right to die after she was taken to court by her local hospital in an attempt to force her to have a heart transplant against her wishes.

Hannah Jones, 13, wanted to die with dignity but child protection officers were drafted in and threatened to remove her from her parents custody to make her have surgery.

The teenager had been warned that the transplant could itself result in death while it would also weaken her immune system, meaning she could see the leukaemia she previously suffered return.

Hannah was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia at the age of five, and the subsequent high-strength drug treatment caused a hole in her heart.

She stopped the cancer treatment because of the damage it was doing to her heart, but it was left so weak it could give up at any time and her family are hoping that she will be alive to see Christmas.

Hannah was offered a transplant, but after consulting with experts she eventually decided against it because there was a high risk she would not survive the procedure and, if she did, the leukaemia could return because of her weakened immune system.

After eight years of being in and out of hospital, and with the prospect of further surgery and constant medication even if the transplant was successful, she decided she wanted to die with dignity and spend her remaining days at home.

However, Mr Jones, an auditor, and his wife Kirsty, a nurse, …

An auditor and his wife, a nurse. Not a fat, L&B smoking, breezer chugging, Daily Mail headline of a chav single mother. Not an absent-cum-jail-bird father. Not a foreign clan with an antediluvian extended family. Not a criminal, welfare dependent, illiterate, fecund, crackwhore. Not a drunken, abusive, seagull of a father.

… were astonished to then receive a telephone call from the Child Protection Officer at Hereford Hospital warning they were applying for a High Court order to forcibly remove their daughter because they were “preventing her treatment”.

That’s right! Child ‘Protection’ Orifices were going to take her into care. So she would die the way they choose. Quite literally heart-broken. So that their liability is limited, or their NHS boxes are ticked.

Officers interviewed Hannah but she managed to convince them she did not want the transplant. Barristers at the High Court decided that she was old enough to make the decision for herself and the order was thrown out.

In a letter to the family, Chris Bull, Chief Executive of Herefordshire PCT, rejected the family’s complaint its actions and said the doctor’s actions in seeking the court order were ‘’appropriate’’.

So there we have it: Chris Bull (CEO of the County Council AND the local Primary Care Trust) is an evil pile of shite with more audacity than a sack full of Hazel Blears.

Old Holborn has kindly found his email address:

Please do forward your thoughts to Mr Bull at the above email address. I certainly have.


H/T to a lot of the usual suspects in the blogroll who have all had something to say about this.


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