9/10 British people stupid. 7/10 on drugs, too.


Nine out of ten people are happy – and seven in ten optimistic about the future – a government survey suggests.

The National Social Marketing Centre’s findings were published amid widespread fears of recession, falling house prices and rising unemployment.

The report says “in general Britain is a happy nation” with 70% expecting more positive than negative experiences.

It may just be the reporting, but 3 blowjobs and 2 divorces could fit into the optimistic category by this definition. Now, that would be a headline: “Most Britons expect to have 3 blowjobs and 2 divorces in 2009”. I digress.

The survey found that high earners, with a salary above £30,000 a year, had the highest rate of optimism – 80% – for the next five to 10 years.

Middle earners – on between £17,500 to £29,999 – had a 69% rate, while those among those on less than £17,500 it was 66%.

High earners are people on over £30k according to this berk who is lauded by the BBC. I bet berk earns more than that.


p.s. Not that I condemn those who are on drugs. With everything as f***ed up as it is, I’m starting to see the appeal of crack. Maybe it’s the effect of having a black president.

p.p.s: Where I come from, crack means vagina, not smokey-cokey. But then, I’m from Scunthorpe.


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